120 Problem-Solutions across 20 Industries & Counting
How to Solve CEO's Enterprise Problems in 30 Days Cycle
Discover Enterprise Anatomy for Faster & Reliable Solution
Navigate from big picture to finer details in a minute
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  • 120 Problem-Solutions across 20 Industries & Counting
  • How to Solve CEO's Enterprise Problems in 30 Days Cycle
  • Discover Enterprise Anatomy for Faster & Reliable Solution
  • Navigate from big picture to finer details in a minute

Find & Learn advanced techniques for business execution in just 2 days

Enterprise Architecture workshop specially designed for Managers & Decision Makers.
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  • Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, DoJ NSW, Swisscom, Westpac, Citco, Fair Work Ombudsman, Coca Cola Australia, Queensland Airports

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    Enterprise survival and growth depends on deconstructing "Business strategy" and understanding the "strategy primitives".
    Business Process improvement is actually an engineering problem. It requires applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge.
    Often IT Architecture is obfuscated with details of IT implementation. Learn how to tackle IT challenges due to growing Application Portfolio, SaaS and Cloud solutions etc.
    Successful business transformation depends on three factors – focusing on the business drivers, building a compelling “logic ladder” to bring approvers along step by step and connecting each objective of the project with a definitive promise or result.
    There are generic techniques that are being applied by professionals for problem-solving. Unfortunately, most of the techniques are time taking and not reliable.
    If you are thinking about how your enterprise can take advantage of new opportunities, leverage its existing assets to create new product and services, become lean and use its resources optimally, then workshop may be an answer.
  • Globally, organizations are offsetting economic dampening behavior with new products and services. Often, results are not favorable
    In the last five years alone, we have evaluated and assessed over 800 case studies. It's the time to share the body of knowledge.
    It's impossible to create Enterprise models inside the brain.
    Similar to medical practice, there are two important aspects to consider. First, "Enterprise Anatomy" and second is “Enterprise X-rays."

  • Almost all problems are multi-disciplinary (Functional areas)
    Often CEOs are not supported amply by their colleagues
    Learn how to create Enterprise Anatomy integrating strategy, processes, systems etc. across Functional areas
    Reach customers with better products & services, quickly

  • Learn why most business strategies are incomplete & inconsistent
    How to combine various enterprise variables for process improvement
    How to create IT Architecture before initiating IT implementation
    Business Transformation methodology including action items for execution
    Help CEO by creating multiple solution options

  • You will agree that one methodology is not suffcient for handling Enterprise complexity
    We have got 10 methodologies customized for quick start
    Methodology-2 to refine and create new business strategies using strategy elements
    Methodology- 10 to create multiple solutions to solve CEO problem in 30 days cycle

  • Improve “strategy to execution” ability multiple folds using Enterprise Anatomy and six stage “idea–to–reality” transformation
    How to define & realize department/project goals, process improvements to ensure that it aligns with the enterprise objective?
    How to use Enterprise Anatomy to reduce expenditure and time-to-market
    Improve IT operation management covering day-to-day IT decisions, and other IT functions
    How to create Enterprise X-rays for decision makers (CEO/COO etc.) to improve day-to-day decisions based on Enterprise Anatomy

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