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Want your hard work and achievement get noticed?

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Global Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence Awards 2015

Participate in the world’s most prestigious Enterprise & IT Architecture Awards

Winners 2015

iCMG Hall of Fame

Clive Finkelstein
"Father" of Information Engineering (IE)

Industry Verticals, Best Enterprise & IT Architecture

Govt / Defense / Public Sector
Norwegian Tax Office
Initiative: Enterprise Architecture for Tax Norway
Initiative: IT Strategic Plan

Enterprise Categories

Transformation and Planning
South Africa
Initiative: Enterprise-wide Transformation Roadmap
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Initiative: BI & Analytics at Indus Towers
Architecture Methodology
Initiative: Agile Architecting @ ING

Business Categories

Business Process Management
Dubai Customs
Initiative: Vehicle Clearance Certificate "VCC" Online Submission

Technical Categories

SOA Vision for Enterprise Services
Initiative: DANTE Data Fabric
Future IT (Emerging technologies)
Initiative: A Secure Enterprise SDN Solution
IT Infrastructure (Datacenters, network, security)
Initiative: Next Generation Network

Global Business CIOs Award

Global Business CIOs Award Winners 2015
44 CIOs were Awarded This Year for Contribution to the Growth of Their Organization Through Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture

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