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The iCMG Awards competition is judged entirely by working professionals in the industry, all of whom have years of experience in managing complex IT systems & enterprises.

iCMG is setting up an international jury which covers the geography including Asia, Europe, US [North America], Australia. In addition, each of the chief jury members have demonstrated great balance between vision & practice in their workspace.

Jury Members The People Who Decide Winners

John Zachman
Inventor of Enterprise Architecture
Jaap Schekkerman
Thought Leader, IFEAD & CGI
Ronald Ross
Father of Business Rules


Tom Mowbray
Chief Enterprise Architect,
The Ohio State University
Marc Gewertz
President & Chief Enterprise Engineer at EiMC
Ralph Whittle
Enterprise Business Architect as an Independent Consultant


Peter Presland
Chief Architect,
Freddie Mac
Jim Heaton
Director, Energy Sector
at PwC
Krish Ayyar
iCMG Australia


John P. Zachman
VP Zachman International, Inc.
Jon Kern
Agile Manifesto
Co-Author, Co-Founder TogetherSoft
Manoj Shrivastava
MTS India


William Branson
Principal Consultant
Alexander Samarin
Principal Consultant
iCMG Europe
Paul Preiss
CEO and Chairman at IASA


Skip Boettger
Chief Enterprise Architect
Sunil Dutt Jha
Practicing Architect & CEO, iCMG


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