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On behalf of iCMG management and the jury, I am happy to invite nominations for the world’s most coveted Enterprise & IT Architecture Awards. This year is the seventh year in a row. In the last six years, the experience and excitements of the participants and winners (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015) are breathtaking. Personally, it's fulfilling and rewarding experience interacting with the participants over 20+ countries, jury members and of course, the grand finale at the Awards night.

We have received several valuable inputs during last year. As we unfold this year's award competition, you will find some new award categories, few revised rules and of course and increased size in the jury. Not to mention, we will have to adhere to the submission dates.


Why Architecture Excellence Awards?

The idea is to honor architects & enterprises whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision & workmanship, which are creating successful and enduring systems & enterprises. Furthermore, this will be a great opportunity to highlight various interesting and remarkable works being done across the world and bring them to the notice of the global audience.
In 2015, we received overwhelming response for the awards. We received nominations from over 27 countries. Finally, 27 companies walked home with awards of excellence amidst enough fanfare at the Awards night organized along with Architecture World Summit by iCMG on 08 - 09 Sep, 2015. These international awards will be conferred again this year on architects and organization for significant achievements in the field of Enterprise and IT Architecture.

About Jury

It's always a challenge to assemble an international jury which covers the span of geography, including Asia, Europe, Africa, US [North America], South America, Australia. In continuation with the last year, even this year our jury members have demonstrated good balance between vision & practice in their workspace. In addition, we have also invited winners of 2014 edition of the awards to be part of the jury. You will agree that the decisions of the Jury members have tremendous influence on the future and careers of many of the architects.


John Zachman Award for Enterprise Architecture


As you are aware, we have also instituted the Zachman award for Enterprise Architecture" which will be awarded every year along with other architecture awards.

John A. Zachman Enterprise Architecture Award 2012 was bestowed upon Aricent Group, USA in acknowledgement and appreciation of their innovative employment of Enterprise Architecture concepts.

Both iCMG and Zachman International will work closely to ensure that award is managed and delivered with equanimity. Again, this year we look forward to getting nominations, which will meet the benchmark for the Oscar of Enterprise architecture.


CIO to CEO transformation – a new award category

Organizations are embracing the reality of information-age wherein "enterprise" happens to be the most complex object. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of CIO is climbing the ladder of CEO. This award is to a person who has successfully transformed from a CIO (Chief Information Officer) to CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Executive Officer and in the process has made a significant contribution to the success of the enterprise. Nominations for this award can be made by the well-wishers, professionals or a representative of the management.

Why participate in "iCMG Architecture Awards of Excellence"?

A win here will remind clients why they need to continue to do business with you. Furthermore, award will remind your competitors that you are an award winning professional and organization. You will agree that third party endorsement enhances your chance to translate prospects to customers. If you want your hard work, and achievement gets noticed - a coveted award will help you to compete better. Earn the Honor, Recognition and Respect you deserve.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sunil Dutt Jha

Practicing Architect & CEO, iCMG


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