Global Award Winners 2016 Architecture Excellence Awards


Global Award Winners 2016

iCMG Hall of Fame

Oliver Sims
Oliver Sims
ICMG Hall of Fame 2016 has been awarded posthumously to Oliver Sims, an internationally recognized leader in the architecture, design, and implementation of enterprise IT software systems.
Sunil Dutt Jha
Clarity of thoughts of this genius is unparalleled as far as software components & related engineering is concerned. He was so right when he says "CBSE has always focused on the set of services that a given component should provide". It's great to find someone so committed to cause of CBSE and SOA, and in particular to help those already committed to that journey. Your books are always reminding of you.

Industry Verticals, Best Enterprise & IT Architecture

Ministry of Health, Republic of Kenya
Initiative: Development of a comprehensive Kenya Health Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Categories

Business Categories

New Service Offering
National Stock Exchange
Initiative: New Equities Trading System
Initiative: MWH Global Intranet Overhaul

Technical Categories

IT Service Management
Initiative: ITIL IT Service Management
SOA Vision for Enterprise Services
Initiative: Digital and API Banking Supported by SOA Vision

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