IT4IT Management in a Hybrid world

Lars Rossen
Lars Rossen
Ph.D., Distinguished Technologist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, USA

These days IT is all about speed. Many methods are being introduced in IT to facilitate this such as SAFe, DevOps etc. Typically these radically change the process of working and in doing so introduce new toolchains that automate the delivery of results.

What we set our self out to create with the IT4IT initiative was once and for all to create a complete toolchain across all of IT that allow you to gain insight across ALL of IT and create speed and agility across all service delivery, not just in-house software development.

In this talk we will explore how IT 4IT is focused on the information model across IT. It focus on the big picture value creating steps in IT and address the need to work in a hybrid environment with many supplier, with legacy and new services and with a rich service hierarchy.

Key take away is:

  • Realize that there is no need to reinvent the wheel in defining the management systems of IT
  • Learn what the IT Service Backbone is: how to Really getting to understand you service delivery


Top 5 Reasons to attend

  • Improving Business Profitability +

    It would provide you with the necessary insight in improving Business Profitability by applying Business Architecture.
  • Get rid of archaic techniques +

    Why traditional methods are no longer sufficient to meet the pace of business today?
  • New ways of using IT +

    What are the technical risks involved in new ways of using IT?
  • Prepare for Today and Tomorrow +

    Economic uncertainties will continue to play spoilsport, isn't it best time to learn how to live with it and prepare for future.
  • Grow Your Global Network +

    This summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Global CIOs, Business Managers, Business & IT Architects, etc.
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  • I think it’s just great +

    Ronald Ross
    Father of Business Rules

    "Am very excited to be here due to the level of interest and interactions in the hallways, the networking that’s going on, I think that’s just great."

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