Is Current Government Shaping Future of the Enterprise i.e. India, The Largest Democracy in World

Dr. Sambit Patra
Dr. Sambit Patra
National Spokesperson BJP

Dr. Sambit Patra represents a generational shift in India's political system i.e. getting prominence without having a political lineage. His journey from being a surgeon to a politician is inspiring and encouraging.

His keynote will focus on why the time for incremental change is long over. It is important to ignite industrial transformation. Also, he will share how the new initiatives such as "Make in India", "Startup India" is going to fuel future growth. Why India's growth story is one of the brightest spots in the world today.

You have heard his short bytes in TV channels. He pokes fun on some of the TV debates. “I don’t even know what points we are making. Until now I haven’t come to the real issues. They are not allowing us to speak."

Listen to him live while during Architecture World Summit, as he will explain current government's plan, policies and management of world's largest democracy.

Before we expect change from others, we need to change self. No one can explain it better than Dr. Patra himself, as he took a plunge into politics from a thriving medical profession.

Join us for the keynote to listen and connect with a common Indian man who dreamed big to make a difference in India's journey to future.


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    It would provide you with the necessary insight in improving Business Profitability by applying Business Architecture.
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    Why traditional methods are no longer sufficient to meet the pace of business today?
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    What are the technical risks involved in new ways of using IT?
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    Economic uncertainties will continue to play spoilsport, isn't it best time to learn how to live with it and prepare for future.
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    This summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Global CIOs, Business Managers, Business & IT Architects, etc.
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    Ronald Ross
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    "Am very excited to be here due to the level of interest and interactions in the hallways, the networking that’s going on, I think that’s just great."

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