Track - Enterprise Architecture

Leveraging Disruptive Technologies with Enterprise Anatomy – Use cases for Drone, Block chain etc.

Krish Ayyar
Krish Ayyar
Director, iCMG, Australia

Enterprise Architecture is about more than just being able to design for complexity. More than anything else it is about managing Change and Stakeholder Concerns and Requirements. In todays world, we are witnessing rapid emergence of disruptive technologies such as Drones, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Micro Services, Fremium business models, etc., etc.

What should the Enterprise do to take advantage of such technologies and respond to them in an agile manner? The answer is in “Enterprise Anatomy”. Enterprise Anatomy helps model the Enterprise in a way that makes it easy to adopt emerging technologies.

In this Case Study, we will analyse how Drone Technology as being trialled by Airbus for its Large Aircraft inspections from an Enterprise Anatomy perspective. This approach can be easily replicated to any Business Strategy and the associated implementation in Business Processes, Systems and Technology areas.

Architecture-driven IT Planning and Delivery

Uday Odedra
Uday Odedra
Head of Global Application Delivery APAC, UBS, Switzerland

The presentation illustrates how EA@UBS develops business aligned architecture insights that contribute to the firm's strategic planning and budgeting process. Through its architecture endeavor the practice helps define the target states that drive and govern the application simplification and infrastructure modernization programs aiming at reducing complexity of the group's IT platform. It ensures architecture-aligned IT investment planning drives the evolution of the UBS IT Platform, and progressively delivers a simpler and fitter for future landscape that significantly contributes to the firm's cost reduction targets, whilst enabling its ability to meet future challenges.

Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation: Enterprise Value Creation with Internet of Things (IoT)

Lars Rossen
Panel Discussion
MWH Global, JUCEBOX, Tata Teleservices, Allied Digital Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing-like devices within the existing Internet infrastructure.

"Things," in the IoT, refer to a wide variety of devices such as heart monitoring implants, biochip transponders on farm animals, automobiles with built-in sensors, or field operation devices that assist fire-fighters in search and rescue.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of connected smart objects in the IoT, an unprecedented number of devices are expected to be connected to the Internet. According to Gartner, there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020.

Top 5 Reasons to attend

  • Improving Business Profitability +

    It would provide you with the necessary insight in improving Business Profitability by applying Business Architecture.
  • Get rid of archaic techniques +

    Why traditional methods are no longer sufficient to meet the pace of business today?
  • New ways of using IT +

    What are the technical risks involved in new ways of using IT?
  • Prepare for Today and Tomorrow +

    Economic uncertainties will continue to play spoilsport, isn't it best time to learn how to live with it and prepare for future.
  • Grow Your Global Network +

    This summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Global CIOs, Business Managers, Business & IT Architects, etc.
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Featured Speakers

Mark Lloyd
Mark Lloyd
JUCEBOX, New Zealand

Cesar Baldeon
Cesar Baldeon
Chief Enterprise Architect
The World Bank, USA
Freddie van Eyk
Freddie van Eyk
Head of Architecture
FNB, South Africa
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Architecture World User Group


  • I think it’s just great +

    Ronald Ross
    Father of Business Rules

    "Am very excited to be here due to the level of interest and interactions in the hallways, the networking that’s going on, I think that’s just great."

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Keynote Speakers


Sambit Patra

Entrepreneurial Energy to Fuel Future Growth

National Spokesperson

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Amar Kumar Pandey

Refugee Management and Reintegration - Can Enterprise Architecture Help?

IPS, ADGP, Railways
Government of Karnataka

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Digital Transformation: Enterprise Value Creation with Internet of Things (IoT)

You Will Never Have a Lot of Success Until You Had a Lot of Failure - Timeless Leadership Qualities

Innovation Cycle in Digital World - World is all Meshing Together

15 Case Studies from various companies in ANZ and APAC region vying for the top slot in Architecture Excellence Awards competition

Data Architecture Assessment

What are the secrets to having Strategy execution, Process refinement and IT maturity?

Power of Enterprise Architecture Model in solving Four types of Business Problems

John Zachman
Inventor of Enterprise Architecture

Ronald Ross
Father of Business Rules, USA

James Robbins
CIO, Northumbrian Water

Pablo Portero
Senior Director, Zoetis

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