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Announcing Regional Architecture Excellence Awards Competition in 2016

Announcing Regional Architecture Excellence Awards Competition in 2016
In the last six years, iCMG Global Architecture Excellence Award Competition is driven by independent jury has become a  global benchmark of excellence as the leading companies from USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America have participated in this competition. This year 27 companies walked home with Global Awards for Architecture Excellence amidst enough fanfare - See more
The iCMG Award competition provides a neutral, peer-driven evaluation opportunity for Enterprises worldwide. In last six years, we have received feedback from the participating organizations. These inputs have resulted in new award categories, refinement of the evaluation process, etc. 
Why Regional Awards?
In the global award competition, often we found that a very successful case study of a Bank in one region was competing with equally good or better case studies from other regions.  We hope the idea of regional award competition will encourage more participation by regional players as it provides a level playing field. Also, general feedback was that Global Competition was more helpful for Enterprises who are competing globally and have customer base across geographies.
As we continue this journey, there is growing demand to have country-specific awards. Though the idea is exciting; it would take few years before we could implement that ;-) Nevertheless, we are happy to set up Architecture Excellence Awards region (geography) wise. The idea is to encourage participation and support evolution of Enterprise Architecture discipline. In 2016, we plan to have the Architecture Awards Competition for the following regions namely
 1. Australia & New Zealand
 2. Asia Pacific Region
 3. Middle East & Africa
 4. Europe
 5. Americas
As we launch the Regional Awards from 2016, all the award categories as well as the Evaluation process remains same. Though, we plan to have a separate jury for each region, there will be few jury members who are common for both the regional awards as well as global awards. Also for the 2016 edition of Global Awards Competition, there won't be a separate nomination process. The winners and the finalists of the regional award competition will automatically qualify for the Global Awards.
Award Categories
Currently, awards are organized into four major categories.
1. Business Categories - There are four awards under Business Category. These are Acquisition and Mergers, Growing Business in New Territory or New Service Offering, Customer Oriented Business Models, Business Process Management and Business Architecture.
2. Industry Verticals - There are eight awards in this category. Awards are given for the Best Enterprise & IT Architecture in Telecom, BFSI, Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public Sector, Energy & Utility and Retail
3. Technical Awards -  There are six awards that include SOA Vision for Enterprise Services, Best Software Architecture in IT Products, Cloud Technologies, Future IT (Emerging technologies), IT Infrastructure (data centers, network, security), IT Service Management.
4. Enterprise (Business and IT) categories - There are seven awards in this category. These are given in the area of Architecture excellence  in Transformation and Planning, IT Landscape Rationalization, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Best Green Architecture, Architecture Governance, Architecture Methodology and Enterprise Architecture

In addition to above awards that are given to the successful Enterprises, there is also Business CIOs award that is given to successful CIOs. There is plan to recognize individual architects and details will be shared in coming weeks.

Jury and Evaluation

Jury members have very important work in hand. They need to go through the dozen odd pages for each entry, prepare questions that are not addressed in the submission document, understanding (and deciphering) content, managing 
information collected, prioritizing and exercising valuation wisely.
In one hand, they need to appreciate creative thinking while in other hand maintain a code of honesty and integrity.
Sometimes, they have nominations that challenge their intellect which they discuss with other jury members.  Each award category is evaluated by 3-4 jury members. It connects jury members across different geography (city/country, industry, etc.)  and brings close interaction among them.
In the las two years, we have refined the evaluation process by introducing a direct video interaction between the jury members and leaders of the companies who have reached the final round. The idea is to provide an opportunity for deliberations that we missed otherwise. Sometimes, insight to context and background of the project (initiatives) is very helpful in decision-making process. Hope this will bring more engagement between the jury and the nominees.

As a normal practice, we always request our jury members to disclose their association with the participating companies so that they are not part of the evaluation of award categories wherein their customers, partners or competitors are involved. In coming days, we plan to invite jury members to share their experience and expectations.
Why Participate?
Over the years, each company has a different motivation to participate in this awards competition.
1. One of the CEO felt that participation in this competition opens up a conversation with a global community of practitioners and prospective customers.
2. Some of the CIOs agrees that it brings more transparency to the internal systems and enhances business opportunity.
3. in some cases, the management decision to participate has forced the team to address the issues than obfuscate the technical and business issues.
So, get ready for the regional editions of award competition. Let's celebrate the innovation, excellence, struggle, efforts!. Identify your heroes, make them stand out. Visit Awards Home.
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