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How to Use IT Architecture for Managing Risk & Innovation? Workshop Revised & Updated

How to Use IT Architecture for Managing Risk & Innovation? Workshop Revised & Updated
Idea behind the workshop

We introduced our IT Architecture course in 1999 when the use of word "Architecture" was still rare in the context of Enterprise or IT. In the last 17 years, we have seen growing adoption and interest in the subject. It's encouraging to see that "IT Architecture" is getting recognized as a critical element for enterprise survival as well as success.

In the last 7 years alone, we have assessed over 2000 plus projects (& initiatives) and the progress on ground is not very encouraging.

The idea of IT "Architecture" is often confused with IT "Implementation". The challenges related to growing IT complexity, maintenance overheads, technology obsolescence, time to market, relatively inexperienced resource pool and fear of losing your best talent to your competitors have only added to stress to the Product Heads, Project Managers or IT Heads.

This two day workshop provides an excellent opportunity to understand how to align the Business goals with IT Investments. We will co-relate the patterns of problem & solutions of other industries. One can learn how to transform a Business idea to IT implementation using six easy steps. Product Managers can create effective business case for a product or product line. Solution Owners will acquire skill to use model-driven analysis, design, and architecture disciplines's best practices to reduce expenditure and time-to-market. Technology implementers can learn how to define Quality of Service (QoS) such as Reliability, Performance etc. on Functional Requirements using Quality Attributes. Also, create effective traceability across IT elements for relationship matrix & change management. In addition, IT Heads will equip themselves to tackle IT challenges due to growing Application portfolio, SaaS and cloud based solutions. One of the common problem related to manage conflicting demands of multiple stakeholders can also be easily resolved.

Can we use IT Architecture to manage risk & innovation during the turbulent time?. Of course, this workshop will also help you to clear many doubts about Enterprise & IT Architecture.


Workshop Focus

Workshop Focus

Another major issue is the ongoing chaos due to use of the term "Enterprise Architecture" and "IT Architecture". As John Zachman says this is what is killing Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture… every computer programmer, system designer, software architect, solution architect, technology architect, computer operator, PC owner, data architect, database architect, network architect, business analyst, systems analyst, enterprise architect, service architect, object architect, project manager and CIO calls whatever, they want to or maybe, whatever, they are doing, “Architecture?" It is chaos.

This two day workshop is focused on IT Architecture as a specialty. The key focus areas include understanding of multiple architecture frameworks, architecture styles such as the component based product line, model driven architecture (MDA), service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process anatomy, requirement maangement, how to create logical (system) models as well as technical (specifications) models for six IT variables i.e. data, function, rule, network, time, UI. In addition, how to use IT Engineering techniques such traceability, relationship matrix, impact analysis and simulation to understand the functioning and structure of IT systems. Thease are the for the companies to reducing IT costs, ensuring system longevity, enhancing productivity and business competitiveness.


IT Architecture and its Application

IT Architecture and its Application

Our workshop is about sharing unique lessons learned upon professional experience. We have discovered significant commonalities in practical IT Architecture knowledge, which can be useful across most applications and enterprises. Together, the joint knowledge of innovative architects represents the next generation of practice.

It will be interesting to share how we could apply architecture for some of the following initiatives:

  1. Embarking on a large scale transformation initiative - key actions and activities
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions beyond just the balance sheet
  3. Identifying the bottlenecks if you plan to flood the market with your new product or service offerings.
  4. How to reduce time needed to draw the competitive analysis for the new market?
  5. How to ensure that IT road-map is in sync with business strategies?
  6. Why & how to rationalize your IT investment to provide a double digit benefit?
  7. How to use IT as a tool for effective decision making?
  8. How to translate organizational strategies to implementation & make it operational.
  9. Identify business offerings, processes, IT systems, people behavior that is inconsistent with the strategic goals.

Why join workshop?

Why join workshop?

Inviting Product Managers, Project Managers, Solution owners, Technology Champions, IT Head, etc. to join us for 2 days of eclectic itemization of IT Architectural concerns (both theory and practice), compositional strategies and tactics, reference models, specifications, process, modeling, frameworks and even tips about how to behave as an architect.

While Product Manager can learn how to transform a Business idea to IT implementation in six steps, Project Managers can learn how to design for “everything is a service” ensuring software reuse, asset consolidation, time-to-market acceleration. The program will help Solution Owners to reduce design complexities, while Technology implementors can learn to create logical and physical models for six IT variables such as Data Network, Application, Timing & Business rules ensuring consistency and easy to maintain systems.

This program can teach you IT Architecture skills that will surprise you and your colleagues. Better, you will have fun and have valuable practical TOOLS inside your brain. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex IT Architecture blueprint in your brain.

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