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My conversations with Mr.Techsavvy, Mr.Middleman and Mr.Sellers - Does your story look familiar?

My conversations with Mr.Techsavvy,  Mr.Middleman and Mr.Sellers - Does your story look familiar?

Mr. Middleman is a Senior Business Architect for a Telecommunications Company. His company has many Small to Medium Customers. Mr. Middleman’s job role involves translating the business requirements into technology specifications for IT to implement. He also has to understand the business strategies of the Telco and take in the strategic requirements of his customers in delivering solutions. This often involves getting many functional areas within the Telco to work together. He has found that each department has its own metrics and measures for targets and that they often do not align or at cross purposes with the company’s metrics and measures. Mr. Middleman was very excited to know that the practical and sharp tool based techniques we discuss in this workshop could help him analyse the business strategies, look for gaps and optimise them. He felt that at the departmental level a similar exercise will optimise the strategies at that level. He was skilled in modelling but never thought about using the Engineering capabilities of the tool such as Impact analysis, Relationship Matrix, Traceability, Simulation etc., He was concluding that he could apply the iCMG EAfDM techniques if not as they are but customised to his situation to help with his needs.

Mr.Sellers looks after Business Development for a global company whose flagship product is Content Management System. He has a team of experienced Sales and Marketing professionals reporting to him. His responsibilities include partnering with large ERP vendors. Key aspects that interested him included Strategy audit and optimisation, Business process improvement beyond traditional methods and being able to see the impact of various components in the solution. He was excited about how he could get just the right amount of information into the models to match the nature of the problem to solve even Enterprise level problems. He felt it is a team effort and the Enterprise elements needed to be managed centrally.

Mr.Techsavvy is a technology manager of a large team of developers and architects in a software products company. He has a mix of off shore and on site team members.   He was able to see value in Enterprise Architecture for Decision Makers as a way to understand Business Strategy and Business Processes to broaden his domain knowledge. Although he was an expert technology modeller, he appreciated the value added by Impact Analysis and Traceability and why Strategies often fail or why there are large gaps between Strategies and Execution in many organisations.

If you think they are unique, think again. They can be any body. Their problems are not unique. 

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