Self paced Training

There is a growing trend of individuals investing in re-skilling themselves to stay ahead in the industry. Until recently, all of our programs were delivered in a traditional classroom format. The classroom learning has its own advantages; however, it is difficult to cope with the growing conflict in terms of schedules. Now you can learn Business Architecture at your convenience with our self-paced training. This is best suited for people who need to go through the content repeatedly at their own pace without the pressure that exists in traditional classrooms or live virtual sessions.

 Why Self Paced?

Self paced training comes with its exclusive advantages. Highly simulative and interactive content, easy learning with short modules are the added advantages of this course; above all flexibility of the entire course makes it more user-friendly. We assure, this course enables you to acquire knowledge that matches the immediate task at your workplace. Reduced amount of training time and cost is yet another advantage of undergoing this training. A few reasons why self paced training is best suited for a professional like you:

Self paced training will give you flexibility to learn at your own pace

Interactive Content
Highly interactive and visually stimulating content is yet another distintive feature

Easy Learning
Complex subject areas are broken down into easily digestible bits

Immediate Application
Acquired knowledge matches the immediate tasks/projects at your workplace

Reduced Cost
Reduced time to train and decreased costs to learn compared to similar programs elsewhere

Knowledge Retention
you can repeat your learning tasks at your own pace to gain more through practice

Course Access
This will give access to course materials anywhere, anytime with 24x7 support availability

 Account Validity

The validity of the Self paced online account will be for a period of 12 months. Thereafter, it can be extended at an additional cost, if required.

 Plan & Pricing

The self paced online account costs USD 999. The plan is inclusive of the exam voucher which is globally valid for one year.



 Why Business Architecture
          for Decision Makers?

This short animated video explains why did CEO of a large Telecom Operator kick start Business Architecture for his business managers to solve recurring business problems.
duration: 150 s

 e-Learning (Self-paced)

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