Evaluation Process Process involved in evaluating the Awards


Through each round of competition, the Judges will be assigned submissions in the area of their individual interest and expertise, so your document will always be evaluated by people who appreciate and understand the type of architecture work that you have done.


First round
In the first round of competition, submission will be reviewed by core committee. The entries which will qualify on the initial criteria will moved to second round.
Second round
In this round submissions will be reviewed by jury members independently. Their scores will determine the finalists in each category.
Third round
In this round, top 3 nominations are identified based on the combined scores of the jury members.
Final round
A video interaction will take place between the jury members and leaders from the finalist company.
The combined scores of jury members will determine the Winners in each category.
When you enter the contest your form will be assigned a number, and the Judges will identify your submission by title and number only (upto round 2).


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