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Managing Business Architecture Models

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Managing Business Architecture Models

Table of Contents

Are You Modeling Business Architecture Using Excel & PowerPoint? (29 Minutes)

Scenarios for using Business Architecture models - (19 Minutes)

Relationship Matrix, Impact Analysis (14 Minutes)


Are You Modeling Business Architecture Using Excel & PowerPoint?

  • Why do we need modeling tools?
  • Business Engineering Tasks
  • Modeling and visualization checklist
  • Limitations of Spreadsheet, slides and documents for doing Business Architecture


Scenarios for using Business Architecture models

  • Scenarios for using Business Architecture models
  • How to visualize difference between current sales team with that of last year?
  • How to track changes in business process?


Relationship Matrix, Impact Analysis

  • Traceability between goals, strategies, business processes, roles etc
  • Simulation
  • Impact Analysis
  • Relationship Matrix
  • Gap analysis
  • Documentation and report formats
  • Sample web publishing


Sunil Dutt Jha

Sunil Dutt Jha is Founder & CEO of iCMG, has influence over enterprise decisions worth $250mn annually. In the last 15 years, he is instrumental in growing iCMG as leading full service Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture Firm, providing architectural services to a wide variety of clients (over 20 domains) across 42+ plus countries.

In the words of legendary John Zachman - "I have known Sunil Dutt Jha for more than ten years and of all the Enterprise Architects that I know, and I know quite a few, Sunil is at the top of the list."

Currently, he is consulting with iCMG clients (in Aerospace, Energy & Power, Telecom, Trading, Banking & Finance) in the areas of reviewing business strategies, process improvement, IT roadmap and governance, etc. One can't miss his affinity for problem solving, reasoning based on "engineering" principles and hands-on strategy-to-operation excellence in tackling issues (small or big) related to business consolidation & integration, business innovation using IT etc.

He is quick in helping you to identify "one" thing that your Business must change.

He has evolved advanced "Enterprise X-ray" techniques (inspired by medical practice) which are very effective in diagnosis of business problems. The same has been applied to over 120 different types of business problems related to growth, new products, business expansion, requirement management, business process improvement etc.

He is consulting business leaders to improve productivity, define new business models, how to optimize services for a specific market segments or focus on right effectiveness metrics for sales.

Being Aerospace Engineer by qualification (IIT Kharagpur), he enjoys working with complex enterprises and systems such as Air Traffic Control System, Water Leakage Management System (City/country), Shipping & Surveillance systems, etc. You will agree that you need a seasoned hand to approach for a project that is enterprise-wide in scope. He is an excellent technologist, great visionary and one of the true thought leaders and practitioners of Enterprise & IT Architecture.

The contribution of Sunil Dutt Jha to an evolving discipline of Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture through Consulting, Education & training, Annual Awards, Architects Corner (Architects networking site) are worth noting.

A business entrepreneur at heart (started first business at 25). Recently turned 43, Sunil has experienced extreme success, as well as business failures. This makes him a balanced person and also a sought-after architect globally. Did you hear him say "fail early"?

Specialties: Sunil is an accomplished leader who is working with CEOs, Business & IT Directors to define the architecture driven roadmap for business & IT investments and "drive" the business above competition. You can consult him and iCMG team for your Transformation and Planning, Business and IT Landscape Rationalization, Architecture Governance, Acquisition and Mergers, Business Process Management, Customer Oriented Business Models, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Vision for Enterprise related needs.