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60 Days Cycle For Implementing Your Most Important BPM Initiative

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60 Days Cycle For Implementing Your Most Important BPM Initiative

Table of Contents

Module 1
60 Days Cycle For Implementing Your Most Important BPM Initiative

The pace of change in our companies is accelerating. What we could do in 10 years we can now do in half that time or better.

This is creating massive pressures in our organisations and there is pressure to find opportunity where other methods have failed. Further, we need to do it quickly and in a way that fosters support from the employees.

This webinar looks at the very real challenge of delivering against a 60 day cycle of implementing meaningful change where previously 6 months minimum would have been required.

Learn the key success criteria for accelerated change. Understand a structured and risk mitigation approach which is easy enough to understand so that they can become the domain of the whole organisation. This webinar shows how today’s approaches can be dramatically accelerated whilst simultaneously identifying opportunities that even the most widely use methods miss

Charles Bennett

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Charles Bennett is a thought leader, lead coach and Director of iCMG’s rapidly growing BPM Business Practice. He combines Advanced thinking in BPM and Enterprise Architecture to drive rapid business performance change and innovation with both developing companies as well as Fortune 500 and FTSE companies, at both Head Office and subsidiary level, all over the world.

As a change expert he can lead change initiatives from business concept to delivery – mentoring, delivering and shaping change from practitioner to CEO/Board level, across 30 countries, and delivered multi-million dollar change projects into retail, corporate and investment banking, insurance, outsourcing, public sector, pharmaceuticals and IT/Service industries. His background in establishing, stabilising, accelerate and/or recovering programmes plus his previous experience as a lead coach delivering workshops all over the world makes him an invaluable resource to workshop delegates who are looking to blend expert knowledge with pragmatic, immediately usable delivery techniques.

Charles is a regular contributor to change conferences as both Chairman and Keynote speaker and is a regular contributor to C Level Roundtables and has authored numerous articles. He also lectures on a part time bases on European University and Business School MBA Programmes.

Outside work he is an accomplished sports man, part time pilot and ex semi-professional squash player