Key Modules
Understand "enterprise anatomy" (building blocks) and interaction between them to manage enterprise problems & opportunities.

/enterprisearchitecture/MODULE 1 – EXECUTING BUSINESS STRATEGY
Enterprise survival and growth depends on deconstructing "Business strategy" and understanding the "strategy primitives".
/enterprisearchitecture/MODULE 2 – IMPROVING  BUSINESS PROCESS
Business Process improvement is actually an engineering problem. It requires applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge.
Often IT Architecture is obfuscated with details of IT implementation. This module will help you to identify six types of Logical IT Models and 6 types of Technology models. Also, create effective traceability across IT elements for relationship matrix & change management. Learn how to tackle IT challenges due to growing Application Portfolio, SaaS and cloud based solutions etc.
Successful business transformation depends on three factors – focusing on the business drivers, building a compelling “logic ladder” to bring approvers along step by step and connecting each objective of the project with a definitive promise or result.
/enterprisearchitecture/MODULE 5 - SOLVING CEO PROBLEMS
There are generic techniques that are being applied by professionals for problem-solving. Unfortunately, most of the techniques are time taking and not reliable.

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