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If you are thinking about how your enterprise can take advantage of new opportunities, create new product and services, become lean, then workshop may be an answer.

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The iCMG Certified Enterprise Architecture Leadership (iCEAL) treats Enterprise Architecture delivery similar to how a doctor provides medical services to patients: treating or avoiding serious organizational disorders through proper diagnosis and treatment using its Enterprise Ontology. This will help in applying engineering principles to the organization’s specific needs versus trying to apply a set of generic best practices. Perhaps that is why only 10% of organizations are successful in the industry.

This certification program can teach you architecture skills that will surprise you and your friends. Better, you will have fun and have valuable practical TOOLS inside your “brain”. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex architecture blueprint in your “brain.” Not to mention, you’d be embarking on a journey to be one of the leading enterprise architecture practitioners in the world.

  • CEOs & COOs+

  • Strategy Team, Chief Strategist, etc+

  • Department Heads, Project Heads, Programs Heads+

  • Product Head, Product Managers+

  • CIO, IT Director, Director – IT Operations+

  • IT Managers, Project Managers+

  • Chief Architects+

  • Entrepreneurs+

Hand-picked Case Studies related to Enterprise Architecture, coupled with "Expert insight" will definitely help you to expand your horizon.
Process Improvement
Business process improvement within a department as well as across the enterprise
How to use enterprise models as a X-ray for diagnosis of problem and corrections
Decision Making
Applying Enterprise Anatomy for effective decision making

Acquisition and Merger
Using Enterprise Anatomy for Acquisition and Merger and similar initiatives

Growth Strategy
Defining growth strategy based using the business primitives

Utilize Enterprise Anatomy for Rationalization, Roadmap and Value optimization

Performance Indicators
Define the performance indicators for departments and understand the cascading impact.

Impact Analysis
Use of framework for impact analysis, gap analysis and change management

Architecture driven Business transformation
We have seen the applicability across a wide range of problems in several business verticals including companies of various sizes.
Learn how to create Enterprise Anatomy integrating strategy, processes, systems etc. across Functional areas
We have got 10 methodologies customized for quick start
  Enterprise Disorder Diagnosis & Treatment Impact
If you are embarking on a modernization initiative? Understand the actions & activities minus buzzwords Increase Revenue
Shrinking margins and slow growth, operational overheads? Use the Zachman Framework for diagnosis & corrections. Get the enterprise back on track Increase Revenue
Untangle the mystery of enterprise assets (People, Business Processes, IT, Technology, Network etc. & readiness Learn how to create traceability, relationship matrix, impact analysis before expanding into new markets Increase Revenue
Success is about decisions – right ones Decisions driven by insights (enterprise x-ray). Effectively translate strategies to execution Increase Revenue
Optimize your internal or outsourced IT investment & assets Minimize the application, technology overlaps, redundancy and isolate the ones which are obsolete Cost Savings
Isolate process duplications & remove redundancy Optimize the business processes in terms of timeliness, cost and resources available Cost Savings
How to minimize the friction among the stakeholders Understand the role distribution, work assignments and measurement to effectively minimize friction Cost Savings
Learn why efforts in isolation will result in entropy Several way to minimize the entropy Cost Savings
Minimize operational overheads Understand the source and nature of leakage and overheads. Plug it quickly and effectively. Every dollar counts Cost Savings

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