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A dedicated user group for EAfDM Practitioners
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Welcome to “Enterprise Architecture for Decision Makers”, a dedicated user group for EAfDM Practitioners. Our idea is to allow members to interact at a more personal level. The group has its own photos, videos, and event sections. Plus, there is a discussion forum and file sharing feature for the community.


Blogs: Experts Share Their Take On EAfDM

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Multi-author blog from iCMG EAfDM experts covering various issues, challenges, case studies in the field of Enterprise Architecture.

Special blog features include

  1. Email notification from bloggers, never miss any update!
  2. Share your comments and experience with bloggers as well as network members
  3. Share blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

100+ EAfDM Workshops to Choose From!

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We have announced 100 + workshops covering 28 countries in 2016-17. Being a member of EAfDM User Group, you get the real-time update on each workshop we schedule! Needless to say, this allows you to plan your training calendar in advance!


Learn with Short Videos

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The user group has short videos uploaded by experts. We believe these videos are a great source of information. Also, fully-featured video capability has been added to the user group, ranging from embedding videos to adding your own. Go ahead and enjoy short videos.

  1. Check the featured videos regularly
  2. Community members can either directly upload and share your videos
  3. Videos are grouped into multiple categories

Highly Interactive, Powerful Social Stream

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Keep checking what your fellow members are sharing in the user group. Be the first to know the latest updates and trends of Enterprise Architecture. Most stream items are highly interactive, where you may 'like' or leave a comment on the content. Like and comment, any stream item and notification will be sent to the original poster and everyone who has liked or left a comment on the post Filter the stream to view all activities either by the site members or just your friends. Auto-update features notify user when there is a new update in real-time.


Exclusive Discussion Forum for EAfDM Enthusiasts & Practitioners

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Bring in an issue and get answers from our experts. iCMG team of experts are known for giving precise answers. This highly interactive feature allows you to interact with experts and share your thoughts as well.


Workshop Photo Gallery

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You will agree that, EAfDM workshop is an important investment in your career. Check out the photos that we clicked during workshops. Remember the time spent with the expert and the fellow practitioners! Also, it's fun to use Photo Gallery in EAfDM user group. This feature enables members to share pictures from workshops, meetings, webinars related to EAfDM. Upload dozens of pictures in a single action. Just drag and drop them to the upload screen, and HTML5-powered uploader will automatically queue the photos. This user group comes with an amazing photo gallery. Each album is neatly displayed, paired with interactive features such as comment and like system, photo tagging and content discovery modules, etc.


Connect! Grow Your Professional Network

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Add experts, fellow participants as 'Trusted Contact' and start building serious connection network. This feature allows you to send messages to members directly. In addition, use this platform to connect with Enterprise professionals cross the globe.


See Who You Already Know Here

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Here, it's obvious that you might stumble upon a practitioner you already know, a colleague or an expert you always wanted to connect. You will have access to see the list of group members and their profiles. Isn't it worth a try?

This dedicated forum brings EAfDM practitioners and experts together. There are still more cool features, but would rather ask you go and experience it yourself!

Join EAfDM User Group today, and we are sure you will like it.

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