Improving Business Process
Business Process improvement is key to successful strategy execution.
Business Process

In fact, almost all the cases, Business Process improvement are key to successful strategy execution. Unfortunately, most teams and departments still don't have a solid definition of "structure" of a Business Process. Almost all process improvement methodologies have serious limitations (I will be discussing this in a separate blog).

We found use of Business Architecture helpful in the following key areas:

  1. Effectively combine various enterprise variables for process improvement
  2. Handle business goal that demand process changes across multiple departments

Our methodology to improve Business Process based on assembling "process primitives".
Using "process primitives", you can quickly combine and create a new "Target" which is optimized around one or more enterprise variables (such as time, location, people, data etc.).

Deconstruct Process Model
Separate the process elements from a business process
Multiple Targets
Assemble process primitives for multiple targets based on variable optimization.
Goals & Strategies
How to link process improvement to strategy execution.
Module 2 - Improving Business Process
Sl.No. Topic Time
Business Process Improvement Using Enterprise Architecture
  • Structure of a Business Process?
  • Business process improvement - traditional approach & limitation
  • How to deconstruct a business process diagram?
  • How to reconstruct a process from process elements (primitives)?
  • How to create multiple targets?
  • How to effectively combine various enterprise variables for process improvement?
  • How to handle business goal which demand changes across multiple departments?
  • Understand the dependency of processes on underlying systems
  • Identify business strategies which are affected
  • How to link "target processes" to Enterprise wide assets
  • Time to zoom into 35 business processes or more to meet business goal
45 minutes
Case study: How to improve business process to improve service delivery?
120 minutes
10 minutes
We have seen the applicability across a wide range of problems in several business verticals including companies of various sizes.
Learn how to create Enterprise Anatomy integrating strategy, processes, systems etc. across Functional areas
We have got 10 methodologies customized for quick start
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