Solving CEO Problems
Learn to address enterprise disorders in a timely and consistent manner using Enterprise Anatomy and Enterprise X-rays in 30 days cycle.
Solving CEO Problems

There are generic techniques that are being applied by professionals for problem-solving. Unfortunately, most of the techniques are time taking and not reliable. We have found Business Architecture very helpful in solving CEO problems. There are several areas that add value, my top two would include:

  1. Improve ability to challenge a decision
  2. Create multiple solution options

Using Business-Xray technique, a decision maker can gain valuable "Visual Intelligence". This "Visual Intelligence" is key to understanding the anatomy of business strategies and insight to "Collaborating Business Components". These "insight" is key to visualizing impact of change; visualize linkage between goal, strategies and processes, and validate a solution.

Multiple Departments
How to identify client problem areas / pain points across department processes, systems etc.
Multiple solutions
How to create Solutions models (strategy, solution, process, technology, operation etc.)
Problem Solving
Apply knowledge of Enterprise Anatomy in problem solving.
Module 4 - CEO Problem Solving
Sl.No. Topic Time
Metrics & Measurements
  • Need to measure the effectiveness of Enterprise Architecture
  • Sample metrics
  • Metrics measurement and auditing
  • Sample dashboards
30 minutes
16. Case study: How does a CEO create multiple solutions for "Customer Convenience" or "Near Term Growth" using Business Architecture? 120 minutes
Applying Business Architecture for Solving CEOs problems
  • Limitation of conventional approach
  • How to improve ability to challenge a decision
  • How to improve ability to decide
  • What's Business X-ray
  • How to create various Business x-rays?
  • How to visualize impact of change?
  • How to visualize linkage between goal, strategies and processes?
  • How to create multiple solutions for Business problems
  • How to apply knowledge of Business anatomy in problem solving?
  • How to create multiple solution options?
30 minutes
10 minutes
Changing Roles & Responsibilities of Business Leaders
  • Are the members of Strategy Team best candidate?
  • Who should participate in Enterprise Architecture Team?
  • How to share Enterprise Architecture?
  • Enterprise Architecture Team - suggestions & lessons learnt
45 minutes
We have seen the applicability across a wide range of problems in several business verticals including companies of various sizes.
Learn how to create Enterprise Anatomy integrating strategy, processes, systems etc. across Functional areas
We have got 10 methodologies customized for quick start
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