Strategy Execution
Applying business strategy deconstruction helps in identifying "strategy primitives".
Strategy Execution

This is the primary concern for most business managers and business owners. In most cases, business strategy definitions are incomplete or inconsistent. We found use of Business Architecture helpful in the following key areas:

  1. Quickly assess limitation of existing strategies
  2. Take corrective measures

The above is achieved by applying business strategy deconstruction technique. This technique helps in identifying "strategy primitives" from existing business strategies. This step is followed with identifying gaps in strategy definition and execution.

These gaps are defined over 6 different business stakeholder perspectives. Later, these "strategy primitives" can be used for creating new strategies and take corrective measures.

Strategy Elements
How to describe strategy elements.
Create and understand various perspectives.
Strategy to execution
Using six stage transformation.
Module 1 - Executing Business Strategy
Sl.No. Topic Time
Enterprise Longevity or Profitability - Why Care?
  • What's an Enterprise?
  • Are CEOs Enterprise Architects or Enterprise Managers?
  • Is Profitibility an indicator of Enterprise Health?
  • Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and IT Architecture
  • Enterprise is static like a "building" or dynamic like a "human body"?
  • What are Enterprise Disorders?
  • Evolution of enterprise concepts in recent times (Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, John Zachman etc)
  • How to manage Enterprise and its Architecture?
30 minutes
15 minutes
Managing Enterprise Stakeholders and Perspectives
  • Enterprise Architecture and stakeholders
  • Executive perspective - Business strategy planner
  • Business management perspective – Business process owner
  • System perspective – Business logic designer
  • What are the key stages of idea transformation
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Multiple Roles
  • Business structure and linkages
45 minutes
10 minutes
How to Successfully Translate Strategy to Results Using Enterprise Architecture
  • What are business strategy "primitives" (strategy building blocks)
  • How to identify strategy primitives from existing business strategies
  • Is your business strategy incomplete or inconsistent?
  • Quickly assess limitation of your strategy
  • How to quickly take corrective measures
  • How to assemble strategy primitives to construct new ones
  • How to Deconstruct Business Strategy - and Reconstruct New Ones
50 minutes
Case study: How to define business strategy for better and faster execution and success for a manufacturer?
120 minutes
We have seen the applicability across a wide range of problems in several business verticals including companies of various sizes.
Learn how to create Enterprise Anatomy integrating strategy, processes, systems etc. across Functional areas
We have got 10 methodologies customized for quick start
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