Why Enterprise Architecture for Decision Makers?

  • Q. Why new Enterprise Architecture Course for Decision Makers? +

    CEOs are investing a great deal in creating winning strategies. Globally, organizations are working on offsetting economic dampening behavior with new products and services in regular interval. Very often, results are not favorable due to inherent Business complexity and associated business structure. As a result, even incremental changes are expensive and time-consuming.

    In Nov 2014, Chief Executive Magazine reported that nearly 80% of the CEO's have failed to meet their target. Nearly, 40 CEOs in the Retail industry alone is replaced in 2014 that include likes of Walmart, Barnes & Noble, GAP Inc., etc.

    Ideally speaking Enterprise Architecture should have been used for engineering or re-engineering of an enterprise. Unfortunately, it's not so. In fact, the current breed of Enterprise Architects is not part of direct meetings with CEOs. Recently, one of the Chief Architect confided that he had only one meeting with the CEO for the whole of the last year.

    So, here we have an interesting scenario. In one hand, we have several enterprises facing disorders that if not treated in time, might result in nemesis of enterprise. On the other hand, we have emerging discipline (Enterprise Architecture) which is supposed to address the enterprise disorders in a timely and consistent manner.

    The question is why two don't meet? Two key reasons:

    • 1. This is because if at all any skill available for doing Enterprise Architecture exists; it is still largely concentrated around IT team who continue to use Enterprise Architecture for IT solutions? And IT folks still don't have a seat in CEO meeting.
    • 2. Unfortunately, most business executives are oblivious to the existence of the idea of "Enterprise Architecture" and it’s utility.

    In the last 14 years, iCMG Consultants have been instrumental in creating services to support the architecture ecosystem across the globe (42 Plus countries). Every year, our consultants are part of the hundreds of engagements, learning & certification delivery Programs ranging from SMEs to Fortune 100 companies. In the last five years alone, over 800 case studies are evaluated and assessed under aegis of iCMG.

    We are happy to bring out a new program especially for business executives. The iCMG Enterprise Architecture Leadership Certification (iCEAL) Program is aimed at evaluating skills and experiences necessary to practice Enterprise Architecture successfully in your organization by creating, evaluating and executing business strategies that get results.

  • Q. What is Enterprise Architecture? +

    Enterprise Architecture provides basis for defining, creating and managing enterprise building blocks for business execution. This effectively combines principles of civil architecture and medical practice.

    • 1. Like civil architecture, Enterprise Architecture is about creating blueprints for large and complex systems (enterprises) necessary for construction and implementation.
    • 2.Similar to medical practice, Enterprise Architecture can help in correcting enterprise disorders based on effective diagnosis based on enterprise x-ray techniques and multi solution approach.

  • Q. What are the limitations with respect to current usage of Enterprise Architecture? +

    In the last two decades or so Enterprise Architecture has evolved as an important discipline to manage change and complexity. Unfortunately, its benefits are not being realized as most of the Enterprise Architecture works are happening in the realm of IT (Information Technology" and not in the context of enterprise itself. The situation has worsened as the hundreds and thousands of IT professionals are doing "something" under the label of "Enterprise Architecture" that has created impressions as if "Enterprise Architecture" is about “IT Architecture". Several enterprise architects, bloggers, consultants working hard to make Enterprise Architecture work for solving IT problems related to data management, cloud hosting, application development, etc. without consideration of enterprise sustainability, or growth plan, etc.

    CEOs are in serious need of professionals with skills to visualize enterprise components, their interrelationship and who could help in isolating and treating various enterprise disorders quickly.

    There are two issues:

    • 1.Unfortunately, most business executives are oblivious to the existence of the idea of "Enterprise Architecture" and it’s utility.
    • 2. Current breed of Enterprise Architects is mainly IT professionals who doesn't understand "Enterprise" issues very well

    So, the problem is those who understand the "Enterprise" issues are not conversant with the Enterprise Architecture (EA) skills and those who are equipped with EA skills are familiar with only IT issues.

  • Q. What are the various certification options? Is it mandatory to pass all? +

    The iCMG Enterprise Architecture Leadership Certification (iCEAL) Program’s goal is to evaluate skills and experiences necessary to practice business architecture successfully in your organization by creating, evaluating and executing business strategies that get results.

    The iCEAL treats Enterprise Architecture delivery similar to how a doctor provides medical services to patients: treating or avoiding serious organizational disorders through proper diagnosis and treatment using its Enterprise Ontology. This will help in applying engineering principles to the organization’s specific needs versus trying to apply a set of generic best practices.

    • Level 1: iCMG Certified Enterprise Architecture Leader (iCEAL) - Essential
    • Level 2: iCMG Certified Enterprise Architecture Leader (iCEAL) – Practitioner
    • Level 3: iCMG Certified Enterprise Architecture Leader (iCEAL) - Specialist

    In order to utilize the skills effectively, we would recommend certification Level 1 and Level 2.

  • Q. When can I take up the Level II exam? Is it OK to take immediately after workshop? +

    It's advisable to take up the Level 1 online test within 3 weeks of the workshop ( or completion of online modules). And the Level 2 within 8-12 weeks from completion of the course.

  • Q. What’s certification renewal process? +

    This certification will be valid for three years. The renewal process includes taking 8 hours of online modules followed by 2 hours of online test.

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