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Global Business CIOs

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Last year, iCMG initiated a new award category, i.e., "Global Business CIOs" to recognize CIOs contribution to the growth of their organization using Enterprise & IT Architecture. This award also acknowledges CIOs ability to use architecture practise to prepare organizations for rapid change, support growth initiatives and influence capabilities that serve as "business differentiator."

Furthermore, their efforts supplement the adoption of Enterprise and IT Architecture as an emerging discipline. iCMG Architecture Awards of Excellence are given to companies who have successfully used architecture in achieving their business goals. There are 21 award categories for which nominations are invited every year.


Enterprise CIOs

This recognition is first of its kind, as it evaluates CIOs based on their leadership to "projects" or " initiatives" with a high degree of business influence and measurable results using Enterprise & IT Architecture. It's interesting to note how these Global CIOs are shifting to "Architecture centric" decision-making process to guarantee sustainable business value.

You will agree that leadership is essential when a business embrace change. These CIOs are chosen from the entries (nominations) who have reached final round of this year's in iCMG Architecture Excellence Award. These Global CIOs are a true representation of the new way of thinking and effective decision making.

There are three key parameters used to identify the winners this year

  1. Ability to meet business goal and stakeholder expectations
  2. Leadership in decision making (new thinking, the action plan, etc.)
  3. Contribution to the growth of the discipline (Enterprise & IT Architecture)

Selection Process

There is a separate nominations for participating in Enterprise CIOs award category. All the chosen CIOs are from the entries that have reached the final round of Awards. You need to nominate your recent project (initiative completed between 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Mar 2017) for participating in this award category. Complete this three-step process to participate in this exclusive listing.

Awards Ceremony!

The winners will be announced during the Architecture Award ceremony scheduled on 13 July in Sydney as a part of Architecture World Sydney 2017.


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