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Architecture Content Seller Program

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iCMG iArchitecture store offers product owners an online store to sell downloadable digital products. Our store helps you sell digital assets related to Enterprise & IT Architecture. You can reach customers in 30 plus countries and earn 50 to 70%.

Manage your products via a front-end form. Automatic payment on order confirmation.

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How Does the Content Seller Program Work?

Once you sign up for the Content Seller Program you get access to dashboards. Add your profile and products to iArchitecture store. As the customer purchases a product, our system credits your account and money will be available for withdrawal.


Once you have signed up, we provide you access to store via three panels.

  1. Product Dashboard (private)

    • Add edit /product
    • Define product description, price, download link etc.
  2. Profile Dashboard (public)

    • Profile page with own products, avatar, description, contacts, TOS, legal information, customer comments etc.
  3. Sales Dashboard

    • Use the sales dashboard to monitor orders, payments, moderate products comments, sells stats, manage taxes etc.
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Essential Information You Need

  • Getting Started ?
  • What Can I Sell? ?
  • Pricing Guideline ?
  • FAQ ?

You can sell one or more of the following digital products.


  • Q1. Can I submit similar products that are already in store? +

    If similar items are already in the store. Please only submit an item from these categories if it is exceptionally well done or provides a unique take on a familiar item.

  • Q2. How much money can I make? +

    Every time an item is sold on the iArchitecturestore a percentage of the sale price goes to the content seller. The amount is determined by whether the Content Seller is selling the item only on the iArchitecture store and by how many sales they have had in the past.

  • Q3. How much do I earn if I sell Non-Exclusively? +

    If you are choosing to sell the same content as you are selling on another stores or on your own site then you fall into the non-exclusive group. Non-exclusive Content Sellers receive 33% of each sale they make on the iArchitecture store.

  • Q4. How do I become a Content Seller? +

    Becoming a Content Seller is easy! First, choose the relevant category of the iArchitecture store that best suits what you're planning to sell. Here are your options:

    Follow these steps to become a Content Seller on any of our iArchitecture store.

    1. Become a Member of Architects Corner by creating an account.
      Note:You will need to be logged in to the Architects Corner and verified to access the pages linked to below.
    2. Our Architecture Content Seller audit team will review your application and respond to your request appropriately. If there any clarifications, the team will get back to with details for your perusal.
    3. Fill the form for Content Seller program; select the products, content categories, key focus areas, etc.
    4. Usingthe Dashboard, Add products, pricing, Terms of Service, comments, product imagesAt this point you are now an Content Seller and can upload your content via your Content Seller dashboard.
    5. Public Profile.
  • Q5. How is Payment Made? +

    When you sell an item, earnings will be automatically deposited into your account balance. Your earnings can be used in the following ways:

    1. To purchase files on any of the iArchitecture store.
    2. Sums under 0: ICMG won’t pay you if you have under 0 in your User Account unless over 12 months have passed from either the date of your first sale or the date on which ICMG last paid out Earnings. If this time frame is met, ICMG will pay you using a Payment Gateway on your request;
    3. Sums over 0: If you have over 0 in your User Account ICMG will pay you using a Payment Gateway on your request; and
    4. Where you have 0 or more in your User Account: ICMG will pay you by Payment Gateway, or using electronic funds transfer on your request.


    Technical Requirements

    For an item to be accepted on the iArchitecture store it needs to follow the upload instructions and meet our quality standards. Refer to the Upload Instructions section of the Knowledgebase for guides on how to prepare and upload your files.

    Quality Requirements

    When the review team inspect your items, they will be considering these criteria:

    • How useful the item is.
    • Whether the item contains any potentially offensive content (Eg. Violence, sexual content, offensive language content).
    • The standard of the item's construction.
  • Q6. Where can I access my sales for my account? +

    Details on all of your products can be viewed by following these steps:

    1. Log into your iArchitecture store account from
    2. Click Dashboard.

    You can view the Latest Orders | Order# / (Date) Item | Quantity. In addition, you can view details on the Customers, Company, and their correspondence details: Address, Zip/City State, Country as well as the Order Status.

  • Q7. Am I eligible for earnings via Architecture Affiliate Program? +

    Whether Exclusive or Non-Exclusive, you can refer new users to any of the iArchitecture store and you’ll receive an additional 5% on each of referral purchases! You can learn more here

  • Q8. What are the legal requirements? +

    As a Content Seller you have the responsibility to only sell things that belong to you. By selling an item, you are making an agreement not only with iArchitecture store but with anyone who buys your item that you own full copyright to that item, and have appropriately licensed any auxiliary content that it makes use of.

    There are very serious consequences for doing the wrong thing when it comes to copyright so make sure you read this section very carefully and avoid misusing another person’s work. If after reading this section you are still unclear you should contact ICMG Support to answer any questions you have.

    iCMG takes copyright violation very seriously. If we discover that a work has violated copyright we will ban the Content Seller from the iArchitecture store, freeze any funds made from the sale of that work and in some cases the injured party will take legal action against you – ensure you are aware of the rules.

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