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    UML Overview - 1.OMG Metamodel Architecture 2.UML Profiles and related standards 3.OMG UML 2.0 specification 4.UML Language Structure 5.UML2.0 Diagrams Types 6.Composite Structure Diagram 7.UML 2.0 Ports 8.UML 2.0 Component diagram 9.Interaction Overview Diagram 10.Action Semantics

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    Representation and Specification - 1.Overview 2.Specification 3.Representation 4.Architecture Specification Concepts 5.Components and Composition 6.Some Behavioral Specification Techniques 7.Interaction and Interception Framework 8.Areas of mismatch to watch out 9.Minimizing mismatch through behavioral Specification 10.Relationship between Specification and Representation 11.Example of QoS Characteristics and related QoS Parameters

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    How to use UML for defining QoS

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    How to use UML for specifying Web Applications

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    How to use UML for specifying SOA Applications

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    BPMN for Business work flows & process definition