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Architecture-Driven Product Development: The Key to Longevity

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If you are a company that sells products, especially software products, you may be falling victim to a number of common "diseases" products catch over time:

  • Unrealistic release schedules – 6 months vs. 6 weeks to respond to customer/market needs
  • Programmers do not understand how to organize their work in a fail safe and consistent manner
  • Agile is good, but without a baseline, it might not make sense from a business perspective in 3 years
  • Programmers will leave the organizations within 12-18 months taking with them valuable knowledge not captured or recorded
  • Some of the key technology will change within 9-12 months
  • Lack of user satisfaction measurements
  • "Source code is not design"
  • Often high cost of post-production fixes hit bottom line

These symptoms seem to grow and grow over the months and years, and in time threaten the very existence of an organization. We WILL share iCMG's treatment of this common organizational disease that centers around an architecture-driven approach to product development.

Our Solution will help in realizing the following business benefits and begin to put the principles to work in your organization:

  • Time to market for subsequent product / project versions is quicker, more stable, and can address multiple segments
  • Cost savings over 30-40% in 3-4 years time
  • Ensure the product and project assets are available even if the original developers have left the organization
  • Ensure product longevity by planning for technology obsolescence, change management, upgrade and maintenance
  • Architecture artifacts are critical assets for pre-sales
  • Architecture artifacts are critical assets in case of acquisition

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