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Too Many Duplicate Applications? Getting Beyond the Bloat

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Sales price (per unit) : $45,000.00


Is the part of your IT budget you need to run your business growing and leaving little room for new strategic initiatives? Can you trace this growth to a growing application portfolio? How can you be sure that all the applications in your portfolio are being used, support critical business operations and are not duplicated elsewhere in the organization?

If this sounds familiar it may be time for an application rationalization project. It’s not as hard as you think and if done properly will help you build architectural assets you can use over and over again for future projects saving you time and money going forward.

This solution will teach you the iCMG way to approach this problem that produces results that help you:

  1. Eliminate obsolescence
  2. Consolidate technology
  3. Identify process overlaps
  4. Create an application timeline
  5. Identify applications that support the enterprise and customers
  6. Identify the applications that result in efficiency and productivity