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  • Sunil Dutt JhaBusiness Architecture
    8 hours 51 minutes ago

    An innovation in a lab is not the same as a working product

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  • Supriyo Chatterji commented on the photo IMG_4475

    11 hours 58 minutes ago

    Proceedings of TOGAF9 workshop at Kolkata India from 23rd April 2015 to 26th April 2015. Conducted by Supriyo Chatterji on behalf of iCMG.

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    12 hours 5 minutes ago

  • Sunil Dutt Jha created new blog entry Improving Business Process? - ... in Business Architecture

    In my professional journey, one common factor was the buzzwords around process improvement. The rampant and frenzied explosion of process methodology (over 300-400 methodology) and frameworks have not simplified the li ...

  • Kadyrkulova Asel ZamirbekonnaArchitecture Awards 2015
    13 hours ago

    Inviting Nominations for Business Process Management Award 2015

    We are happy to invite nominations for the world’s most coveted Business Process Management Award 2015. If you have used business process management techniques to effectively translate the strategy to enhanced service models resulting in better growth or significant cost savings, we would love to see your entry in this category. bit.ly/…

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  • Kadyrkulova Asel ZamirbekonnaArchitecture Awards 2015

    If you have a success story with Zachman Framework, which has made a difference to your Enterprise & Business, nominate yourself for iCMG Architecture Excellence Awards 2015. bit.ly/…

    Paulo Cesar Dos Santos Lucio Yes, well appointed Asel, and I take this opportunity to inform how glad we are due to numerous requests across the globe, and so we are extending the last date for submitting the nomination for Awards 2015 from 30th April’15 to 18th May’15. bit.ly/…
    12 hours 59 minutes ago
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