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    Webinar Calendar for the Month of January
    Started by Anand B Saturday, 07 January 2017 1 Reply

    We have reserved few seats for Enterprise Architecture for Decision Makers members; kindly confirm your availability.

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  • Sunil Dutt Jha
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  • Jennifer Brown
    Join the live webinar: The Best Ways to Utilize 10 Methodologies for Creating Enterprise Anatomy Driven Solutions - Part I (II part series)
    Started by Jennifer Brown Friday, 18 November 2016 1 Reply

    have uploaded the webinar slide deack. Hope it helps and opens new opportunities

  • Indira B S
    • Explain what value it would present to a "Business Analyst". Especially the "process improvement" part works. • How this relates to TOGAF, ARCHIMATE, ITIL and other frameworks.
    Started by Indira B S Friday, 20 May 2016 1 Reply

    Hi Indira,
    Here is a bit of info.
    •Explain what value it would present to a "Business Analyst". Especially the "process improvement" part works.
    •Almost 20% of the program time is spent on improvising business process.
    •The course helps in taking effective, reliable and timely enterprise (business) decisions.
    •Following are the modules you would like to look at as a business analyst from a process improvement perspective - Module 2 (7,8,9)
    •We also have a case study for this module- How to improve business process to improve service delivery?
    •How this relates to TOGAF, ARCHIMATE, ITIL and other frameworks.
    •You will learn application of Zachman framework and 10 methodologies

    Key Areas iCMG Architecture CertificationOther Architecture Certifications
    Enterprise Anatomy Yes No
    Strategy to execution Yes No
    Improving Business Process Yes No
    IT Architecture Yes No
    Business Transformation Yes No
    CEO Problem Solving Yes No
    Architecture Realization & Assessment Governance CapabilityYes No
    Enterprise Engineering Yes No
    Ten Methodologies Yes No
    Anatomy Driven Enterprise solutions Yes No
    Domain Knowledge Yes No

    Hope this helps.

  • Jasmine Harris
    How iCMG EAFDM workshop can help ? Please see the problem statement from one of our customer
    Started by Jasmine Harris Monday, 14 December 2015 1 Reply

    I read a focus on customer success and a fast changing business world. On top of that there are no uniform processes to enable a uniform high quality level. A challenging environment. How can our Enterprise Architecture workshop help?

    First of all, it is important to understand what you want to accomplish. We will show you in the workshop how you can define your strategy in such a way you will know upfront you covered all the different aspects of a good strategy. A precondition for succesfull strategies.
    To enable you to fulfill your strategy you will have to break it down into small parts for which you can formulate solution scenarios. We will show you how you can find solution scenario’s depending on your actual enterprise structure, its anatomy. We show you how to use architecture to solve problems of realize your strategy.
    You will still need to analyze your organization structure, identify your processes, find the differences in the process in all regions. However, we will show you how you can do this in such a way you keep focus on solutions, keep interrelationships in your organization into account and differentiate between the needs of your stakeholders to enable them to be successful reaching goals. And if applied, it will enable you to adapt quickly to changing customer expectations and a changing business world.
    In the workshop we will not only provide you with the theoretical part of our proven methodology, you will be doing it yourself. You experience the value with exercises based on real life cases. Preparing you to apply it as soon as you return into your business environment. And of course we can provide you with additional support if required.

  • Sunil Dutt Jha
    Given the context and the goals how can this course help us?
    Started by Sunil Dutt Jha Wednesday, 28 October 2015 1 Reply

    Our program is specially designed for managers and decision makers like you to manage enterprise "disorders" or “business opportunities” using Enterprise Architecture.

    The key is to understand "enterprise anatomy" (building blocks) and interaction between them. Similar to medical practice, there are two important aspects to consider, one is the understanding of "enterprise anatomy" and second is ability to create “enterprise x-rays". An enterprise doctor should be able to use the methodology to isolate and treat enterprise disorders in timely manner. We have seen the applicability across wide range of problems across several business verticals and company of various sizes.

    Here is quick overview of the exercises and case studies which are discussed during the workshop. Based on your inputs, we have mapped your problem areas and expectations to the various case studies.

    Day 1 exercises

    Casestudy1: How to define business strategy for better and faster execution and success
    1. How to describe single variable and multi-variable strategy
    2. How to segregate strategy list into four perspectives, Executive Perspective, Business Mgmt. Perspective, Architect Perspective, Engineer Perspective
    3. Create the stakeholder analysis model (Map the strategies and the corresponding stakeholders – internal & external)
    4. Create and understand the various perspectives and traceability
    5. How to create multiple strategy options (better product, time to market, respond to competition etc.)

    Key Takeaways
    a) This is helpful in creating strategies for Improve time to market,
    b) Slowly build Relationships at CXO level as you are able to demonstrate the value and understanding of their business and strategies

    Case study 2: How to improve business process to improve service delivery?

    1. How to deconstruct Business Process Model for creating multiple Target Process models ( using BPMN notations)
    2. Learn about formal techniques for business process improvements using the 6 interrogative primitives of Zachman framework
    3. Separate the primitive elements (related to inventory, process, timing, motivations, responsibility and distribution) from a business ocess
    4. Create business process composites by combining process and roles, [Process, roles and locations], [Process, roles, locations and ents Process, roles, locations, events and rules], [Process, roles, locations, events, rules ( motivation) and data (inventory)]
    5. How to link Business Processes to business strategies and goals

    Key Takeaways
    a) this is helpful in creating strategies for Improve time to market,
    b) Identify client problem areas / pain points and pro-actively propose solutions

    Day 2 exercises

    Case study3 - Case study: How to analyze enterprise building blocks ( primitives) for solving multiple problems?
    a) How to apply Enterprise Architecture for outsourcing Technology components as well as COTS selection?
    b) CEO asking for new device access for some of the sales team
    c) Application Rationalization

    1. Identify the enterprise models which impact “Business Goal”?
    2. How does Business Goals, Business Strategies, Business Processes, Business Functions, IT Apps, Software Components, Database tables, User screens etc. are critical in meeting the Business vision
    3. Create Relationship Matrix such as “Goals” and “Strategy”, “Strategy” and “Business Rules”, “Strategy” and “Business Functions”, Software Components & Business Processes etc.
    “Business Functions” and “Business Processes”, “Business Processes” and “Business Locations” etc.

    Key Takeaways
    a) How to reduce the maintenance cost and plough it back to adding features to the application
    b) Will help you to "Win" customers trust to start sharing their "enterprise" view
    c) Bring more transparency to Enterprise models and enterprise operations which will help you to win confidence of key stakeholders

    Case study4 -How does a CEO create multiple solutions for "Customer Convenience" or "Near Term Growth" using Enterprise Architecture?

    1. Identify performance indicators ( metrics) for 11 departments for auditing & governance
    2. How to use 10 parameters for defining each performance indicator
    3. How to create Enterprise models (Technology, solution, Process etc.) to support performance indicators (across the departments)

    Key Takeaways
    1. How to arrive at multiple solutions for improving time to market
    2. How to Identify client problem areas / pain points and pro-actively propose solutions

    Hope this helps.

  • Sunil Dutt Jha
    Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche was asked if he is concerned about hacker attacks on Mercedes cars.
    Started by Sunil Dutt Jha Friday, 24 July 2015 1 Reply

    1. High-definition digital maps help connected and self-driving cars perform intelligent functions such as recalculating a route if data about a traffic jam or an accident is transmitted to update the car's navigation mapping system.

    2. They also allow self-driving or autonomous vehicles to use data gathered from vehicle radar and laser sensors and cross-reference this with information embedded in digital high-definition maps such as the location of traffic lights, lane markings or traffic jams up ahead.

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    Are You Rationalizing IT Landscape?
    Started by Sunil Dutt Jha Sunday, 19 July 2015 3 Replies

    This year, we have some very interesting case studies from Enterprises such as Tata Communications (India),
    AIA (Malaysia), Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Zulekah (UAE), GE Capital (India), Cox Enterprises (USA) competing
    for Architecture Excellence Awards. - See more at:

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  • Sunil Dutt Jha
    The Number of Strategy frameworks have skyrocketed in the recent time
    Started by Sunil Dutt Jha Saturday, 27 June 2015 2 Replies

    This is why having strategy primitives are so critical. Once you have strategy primitives, you create a the necessary strategy composites for ant strategy framework!

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    Why Enterprise Architects don't have a seat in CEO's Meeting?
    Started by Sunil Dutt Jha Wednesday, 17 June 2015 3 Replies

    Ideally speaking Enterprise Architecture should have been used for engineering or re-engineering of an enterprise.

    Unfortunately, it's not so. In fact, current breed of Enterprise Architects are not part of direct meetings with CEOs. REcently, one of the Chief Architect confided that he had only one meeting with the CEO for the whole of the last year.