• End User Case Studies

    The Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture is getting recognized as a critical element for realizing practical vision of the Enterprise. Bangalore: 08 - 09 Sep
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  • Business Transformation

    iCMG - a global leader in Enterprise & IT Architecture, has served 2100 organizations in 42 countries. If you want to apply "architecture" as a business differentiator, we are ready for our next challenge.
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  • Process Optimization

    In the last decade, we have helped several customers in improving their business processes across multiple industries. Our team will be happy to demonstrate how to reduce process inefficiency up to 25% within 60 days.
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  • Translating Strategy

    As the need for managing change and complexity is growing, you need specialist. Our team can help in replacing the guess work with scientific basis of transformation using Enterprise Architecture.
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University for Enterprise

Industry's Best Trainers


e-Learning Courses
for Busy Professionals

Enterprise Decision Making



Premium Solution


iCMG University for Enterprise Architecture (UEA)

iCMG UEA has became a focal point for training and certification in the field of Enterprise Architecture. The demand for certified enterprise professionals is growing as they tend to be the drivers of key initiatives. Our classroom courses are great way to learn and re-skill. Our workshops are conducted over 42 plus countries. So, you will always find a leadership program near your city. Take advantage of early bird offer and avail complementary webinars and credit points for 'Ask the Architect'.

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Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF 9.1 Practitioner

Business Architecture

Zachman Framework


We are happy to offer online courses which will provide convenient learning mode for re-skilling. You will enjoy learning in short modules as complex subject areas are broken down into easily digestible bits. Higher knowledge retention and flexibility in learning. As the demand for Enterprise Architecture skills increasing, you will find it worthwhile making the investment.

Also, avail credit points for 'Ask the Architect'service and connect with experts for live interactions.

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Video Consultation

Leverage iCMG global team and their consulting skill to capitalize on opportunities and increase effectiveness. Do you need Expert's Insight for Business Transformation Initiative? Try Live Video Consultation Service.

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iCMG Architecture Awards 2015

This award competition is one of the most prestigious Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture Awards.

The first five editions witnessed nominations from over 30+ countries and across twenty plus industries. Participation in this competition not only highlights hard work and perseverance of your team but also presents you with an opportunity to compete with the best in the world.

Winners of 2015 edition of Award competition will be announced on 8 Sept during Architecture World Summit in Bangalore.

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Live Workshops

2 days hands-on workshop
2 days hands-on workshop
Architecture World 2015 Architecture World 2015
>> Bangalore, India
Krish Ayyar Live
>>New Zealand>>Australia
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Enterprise Architecture Consulting

How to make faster, cheaper & reliable decision using Enterprise X-rays?

The idea of Enterprise Architecture is to describe the fundamental structure of an Enterprise. In order to achieve this, we need to discover the underlying, elementary, single variable, “primitive” structural element.

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Need Expert's Insight?

Need Expert's Insight for Business Transformation Initiative?
Try Live Video Consultation Service

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Improving Business Process

Redundancy, Inefficiency Eating Away Profit Margins?

In fact, best and most popular Process Methodology (& frameworks) have collectively failed CEOs time and again as most process frameworks are devoid of insight to Enterprise Anatomy and its impact in handling change.

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Applying Business Architecture

You will learn how to create Business Architecture models to meet changing internal and external demands.

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Digital Products

Why does the context map work?
In this short video William Branson throws light u
$ 12
iCMG Enterprise TV - Video on Demand Service
Enterprise TV - Video on demand
The Big Debate, Guru Speaks, Tips
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