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Alexander SAMARIN

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Alex Samarin is consulting oraganizations in architecture driven transformations and supporting world-class operations. He is providing solutions for various industries such as Banking, Insurance, e-Government etc.He is adept in holistic use of BPM, SOA, EA, ECM, IT governance and IT strategy for major international clients.

His strength lies in top quality design and delivery of IT services, enterprise-wide architectures and solutions, creation of synergies between business goals and IT potentials, effective communication of architectures to all stakeholders (from top management down).

He has been involved in creation of production systems with built-in flexibility and extensibility. Also, he has ample experience in moving major enterprises to fully electronic (digital) working.


An author of highly rated BPM and SOA book on "Improving enterprise business process management systems" (see www.improving-BPM-systems.com/book). He is a visionary but realistic enterprise and business architect.

Nature of the projects & problems handled

  • Introduction of project governance process for internal project management.
  • Review of the initial enterprise architecture and establishing business architecture.
  • Initiation and planning of a “Corporate ECM/SharePoint platform” project.
  • Application of BPM principles for the implementation of ITIL v3.
  • Development and maintenance of an EA repository in ARIS.
  • Documentation of core business processes for the SAP-based core-business ERP system.
  • Development of the IT strategy. Architecting of the progression to cloud computing.
  • Architecting Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platforms.
  • Implementing of fully electronic production and administration via a set of agile mini-projects.
  • Obtained the primary certification of the SAP customer Centre Of Expertise (COE).
  • Introduction of BPM (from business and technical sides) into the SAP NetWeaver 7.3 development.
  • Architecting a pan-African platform for e-governments and e-governance.
iCMG Association: 5 Years
Fee: $199/hr
Current Location: Arzier, Switzerland

Key skills

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • SOA & SaaS
  • Architecture related Business Opportunities
  • CRM-Customer Relationship Management

Business domains

  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Banking & Finance
iCMG Association: 5 Years
Fee: $199/hr
Current Location: Arzier, Switzerland
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Webinar : High impact Architecture strategies 

On 0000-00-00 00:00:00, Aamber Xaven wrote:
60 minutes spent was really useful. Thanks for insight.
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How do you make EA relevant to short-cycle change projects aimed at enhancing shareholder value in the shortest possible time 

On 2013-11-13 10:11:29, Vaitafe Haddad wrote:
Thanks Alex.
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