Purnima B R.
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

B.R. Purnima brings 16 years of working experience in Sales and Marketing of Middleware and Architecture products and solutions Space.

As Director at iCMG, she oversees all aspects of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Product Management, Customer Support Functions.

Currently helping iCMG to become a world class architecture services company. In the last 3 years, created new distributor channels, marketing functions and trade shows, including opening up new markets around the world. As a Director, managing 3 global sales and marketing divisions. Also, instrumental in bringing in many top consultants to the company.

Earlier, she was responsible for sales & marketing of middleware products which was aimed at real-time and high performance, mission critical systems. Her role was to identify the early adopters for the prototypes as well as license sales.

In the last 18 months, she is instrumental in creating several formats of architecture services such as architecture outsourcing, architecture governance, Architect staffing, and the launch of annual "iCMG Architecture Awards" which also include "John Zachman Awards for Enterprise architecture".