Sunil Dutt Jha
Practicing Architect & C E O

Sunil is practicing architect & CEO of iCMG, who is influencing enterprise decisions worth $250mn annually. In the last 11 years, he is instrumental in growing iCMG as leading full service Enterprise & IT Architecture Firm, providing architectural services to a wide variety of clients (over 20 domains) across 23 countries.

Being Aerospace Engineer by qualification (IIT Kharagpur), he enjoys working with complex systems such as Air Traffic Control System, Water Leakage Management System (City/country), Shipping & Surveillance systems, etc.

Sunil is an accomplished leader who is working with business owners & decision-makers to define the architecture driven roadmap for investments and new business ideas. His experience arising out of practice and his astute decision making are great ways to "lift" the business above its competition. In this capacity, Sunil frequently designs and facilitates team meetings and workshops to help them structure and communicate complicated concepts succinctly.

Majority of his team is spent with customers wherein he is helping to define value measurements, prioritization, translation of models or mapping strategy to implementation activities. Currently, he is involved in guiding iCMG clients ( in Aerospace, Energy & Power, Telecom, Trading, Banking & Finance) in the areas of business process improvement, IT roadmap and governance, etc.

As a practicing architect, he is often engaged in adoption of architecture driven transformation and planning, IT landscape rationalization for business success. One can't miss his penchant for problem solving, reasoning based on "engineering" principles and hands-on strategy-to-operation excellence in tackling issues (small or big) related to asset consolidation, integration, efficiency, innovation, reusability, etc. He is an excellent technologist, great visionary and one of the true thought leaders and practitioners of Enterprise & IT Architecture.

One can't ignore his intelligent use of principles of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and knowledge of history in deriving the new meaning and ways to resolve problems. He is deft at using visual diagnostic techniques that can help narrow the causes of the problem and ensure that the diagnosis is accurate. These techniques include visual modeling, creating composites, simulations, traceability, relationship matrix, gap analysis, impact analysis, etc. His clever use of imaging tools let you "see" inside your enterprise (or department or system) to get a "picture" of strategy, business processes, data assets, technology stacks, network channels, distribution logistics, events, stakeholders, workflow, rules, etc. This is a way you can determine if there are any abnormalities.

You will agree that you need a seasoned hand to approach for a project that is enterprise-wide in scope. As an architecture coach/mentor, he has taught enterprise & software architecture classes to over 5000 professionals (cumulative) in 16 countries.

The contribution of Sunil Dutt Jha to an evolving discipline of Enterprise & IT Architecture through education & training, consulting, Annual Awards, Architect Pavilion (Architects networking site) are worth noting.

Sunil has experienced extreme success and business failures too early in his professional career; this makes him a balanced person and also a sought-after architect globally.