Webinar: Tips & Traps - Architecture driven IT migration & modernization roadmap

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Six easy steps to understand the STRUCTURE & functioning of an enterprise. Detailing Strategy, Business Models & System models. Duration: 90 mts

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In this exclusive webinar, Sunil will discuss about the current status of architecture adoption and look at the typical problems and issues related to architecture driven modernization. He will discuss about 7 steps approach to define the modernization blueprint and ways (using Balance Score Card) to define key objectives and measurable values.

What you will learn

  • Impact of Enterprise Vision– Cumulative Value of 126 invested, 1973-1998
  • Changing landscape of IT landscape [Process automation to business differentiator]
  • Real Challenge: How to define the relationship between business growth wrt to technology brilliance?
  • Approach plan for Architecture Driven Modernization
  • Selection of EA framework, Reference Models, EA Taxonomy
  • Sample problem I - what are the different types of models in one department or Business Unit?
  • Sample problem II – when there are 11 departments or business units?
  • How many artifacts for a system?
  • System owner, artifact owners and storage of artifacts
  • Relationship across the Planner & Owner views
  • Mapping relationship across Planner, Owner, Designer views
  • Translating Platform Independent Model to Platform Specific Models
  • How to ensure governance, EA Metrics & Measurement?
  • EA Metrics & Measurement (Current Status) vs (Projected 3 years)
  • Identifying the key goals – e.g Business Process Maturity
  • SOA maturity model –example
  • Defining the timeline and cost savings across multiple levels
  • Mapping relationship across business service, process, applications
  • How many artifacts for a system?

About The Speaker

Sunil is practicing architect & CEO of iCMG. He is an architecture strategist who is influencing enterprise decisions for realizing systems worth mn to mn. As an architecture coach/mentor, have taught enterprise & software architecture classes to over 5,000 professionals (cumulative) throughout South America to South Asia.

He had chance to interact & work on some real complexity IT systems including Air Traffic Control System, Water Leakage Management System (City/country), Shipping & Surveillance systems etc. He is instrumental in adoption of Component Architecture, Assembly and Reuse among Fortune 500 companies based on enterprise frameworks (such as Zachman etc.) And OMG standards such as UML 2.0, CCM & MDA. His system design skills include understanding of RM-ODP for distributed, multi-language based component systems. He is expert in Integrated Product Development (IPD) process based on SEI-CMM practices.

Sunil is an accomplished leader who is working with IT Directors & Decision Makers to define the architecture driven roadmap for IT investments, maintenance & realizations to "drive" the business above its competition. In this capacity, Sunil frequently designs and facilitates team meetings and workshops to help them structure and communicate complicated concepts succinctly.

Majority of his team is spent with customers wherein he is helping to define value measurements, selection of architecture frameworks or styles, translation of models or mapping strategy to implementation activities. Currently, he is involved in guiding iCMG clients in developing architecture and design of mission critical applications (Aerospace, Energy & Power, Telecom, Trading) as well as enterprise-wide restructuring and IT portfolio rationalization.

In addition, he is also involved in architecture assessment for large scale enterprise systems (e.g. Multi-channel Trading Platform, e-Banking Architecture) and tools development (Workflow, Business Process Automation, Assembly).

He is a thought leader & architecture strategist helping organization to adopt architecture-centric, component based IT asset as the key to cost savings and productivity enhancement. He is engaging in his delivery and able to communicate complicated concepts succinctly.
He is an Aerospace Engineer from IIT Kharagpur.

Recently, he has been awarded “Fellow” grade into The Open Group in recognition of his established reputation of eminence & authority in the field of Enterprise Architecture.

System Requirements

PC-based attendees Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista Macintosh®-based attendees Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer

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