Architects Listing

Architects Listing

John Zachman (Founder of Framework of Enterprise Architecture) says, "Enterprise Architecture" is the issue of the century. Around the world, last ten years have witnessed a growing demand and acceptance of Architects.
  • A quick search in Linkedin for professional with "Enterprise Architect" as a title with more than 10 years experience generated around 500 results for India, 850 for Australia, around 1900 for UK and 7700 for USA i.e. USA has nearly 12 times more Enterprise Architects than India.
  • A similar search for Solution Architect (10 + years) in USA resulted in 10500 professionals that are nearly three times than in India.
  • If you search for Technical Architects (10 + years) in USA, the result will be nearly 7000 which is twice the number in India or UK. Both India and UK showed up similar number around 2800.

In fact, next ten years, we expect this numbers to grow significantly. Interestingly, running the similar search in Linkedin in 2005 would have generated results in single digit.

No doubt, we have made considerable progress in the last ten years. Is that good enough?

Idea behind the listings

In the last 20 years, Architecture (Enterprise, Business, IT) has received worldwide acceptance as an important and critical discipline.

At iCMG, we have been working relentlessly to grow this profession. In fact, Architecture Excellence Award is one such initiative which has become a global benchmark.

We are happy to introduce a popular listing for "Architects." This initiative is to highlight and recognize Enterprise professionals who have broken the traditional mould and trying out a new role, having acquired new skills and gearing up to solve Enterprise problems.

Today, Architects are becoming central to Enterprise transformation initiative and leading from the front.

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