KEONICS & iCMG Start-up Awards 2016

KEONICS & iCMG Start-up Awards 2016

The most simplistic definition of Enterprise Architecture by John Zachman is related to "Reification" i.e. translating an idea to realization. An Enterprise Architect should be able to transform an idea to operation (realization). Typically, the journey of an "idea" to "realization" goes via six stages of transformation. These are Strategy models, Process Models, System Models, Technology Models, Implementation and Operation models.

Unknowingly most Entrepreneurs apply these stages of transformation in realizing their ideas to customer-centric products and services. Since, these transformation (idea to realization) is so natural, you will often find them creating new products and services. This becomes basis for creating Enterprises with lasting value.

We are happy to announce the Start-up Awards Winners of 2016.

Winners 2016

Idea behind the awards

In the last few years, we have been also trying to decipher the commonality and virtues from the Top CEOs list published by likes of HBR, Forbes, Fortune, Business Today, etc. At first glance, such list could be easily dismissed as an over-indulgent drama. As several CEOs who happen to be in such coveted list one year are unceremoniously shown the door few years later. Nevertheless, our interest in such lists was two folds. First, what are the qualities that made them successful. And second, did they apply the principles of Enterprise Architecture in their work knowingly or unknowingly?

KEONICS & iCMG Start-up Awards 2016 a prestigious set of awards, led by the leaders in Enterprise and IT Architecture. The idea is to honor entrepreneurs & enterprises whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision & workmanship, which are creating successful and enduring products, services & enterprises.

Why Participate?

A win here will remind clients why they need to continue to do business with you. If you want your hard work, and achievement get noticed - a coveted award will help you to compete better. Earn the Honor, Recognition and Respect you deserve. This will be a great opportunity to highlight various interesting and remarkable works being done by upcoming start-ups and bring them to the notice of the global audience.

  • Endorsement will translate more prospects to customers
  • Your hard work and achievement get noticed
  • Registration at Architecture world Summit worth Rs.42,999
  • Breakfast meeting one-on-one with global CIOs and Chief Architect
  • Listing in KEONICS-iCMG website

Evaluation Process

Through each round of competition, the Judges will be assigned submissions in the area of their individual interest and expertise, so your document will always be evaluated by people who appreciate and understand the type of architecture work that you have done.

  • The last date for submission is 31 Aug
  • A video interaction will take place between the jury members and leaders from the finalist company on 1 & 2 Sept
  • Winners are announced during Architecture World Summit on 8 Sept

Nominate your recent project

You need to nominate your recent project (initiative completed between 1 Jan 2015 - 1 July 2016) for participating in this award category. Complete this three-step process to participate in this exclusive awards.

Click here for nomination!



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Idea behind
the awards


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Start-up Awards 2016

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