Do you have 10-12 participants?

Our in-house IT Architecture for Enterprise System certification program is tailored to meet your organization’s needs. This program is beneficial when you want to organize training for a team or an entire department.
At a team level, your organization achieves more than just training on the IT Architecture framework. Better work practices and improved understanding of your organizational challenges are some of the other benefits.
Each session delivers specific learning by team objectives, so your participants get exactly what they need to accomplish project-related tasks.


Key benefits

In-house programs will help you to reduce your overheads, save time and cost. It's easy to justify the budget.

Time Saving

Minimize the time delay in knowledge transfer, individual readiness vs. team readiness.

Problem Solution

Directly apply techniques and skills to your work environment.

Team Participation

Teams trained at the same time ensure appreciation for each other’s challenges and needs.





Case Studies

  • 1. Defining ROI +

    Defining ROI on architecture. (Align Business ROI with Technology ROI
  • 2. Performance Metrics +

    Mapping of Performance Metrics from the Technology to the Business Outcomes
  • 3. Apply Frameworks +

    How to apply Zachman Framework for IT Architecture and how to use them in your IT Products & Services
  • 4. Quality of Service (QoS) +

    How to support Quality of Service (QoS) for software products
  • 5. Product Line Architecture +

     Product Line Architecture, COTS selection and component assembly
  • 6. Component Modeling +

    Component Modeling with UML2.x  for Business domains
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Why iCMG? - 7 Reasons

  • 1. Investment protection +

    To serve and protect the organization’s interest towards Architecture driven IT investments (if a person trained & certified leaves the organization, iCMG will train next person for FREE)
  • 2. Team vs Individuals +

    This unique program evaluates the team of IT architects/ designers ability to plan complex systems and implementation processes
  • 3. Key Focus (12 skills + Domain) +

    IT Architecture certification programs to impart competency for business modeling, system envisioning, technology selection, system specification, and software process facilitation, domain knowledge etc.
  • 4. Case studies +

    Real-time case studies on IT Architecture usage for product development, custom development, business transformation etc.
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