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Product Manager

Product Manager
  • Six easy steps to transform a Business idea to IT implementation

  • How to create effective business case for a product or product line or a system?

  • How to use model-driven analysis, design, and architecture disciplines's best practices to reduce expenditure and time-to-market?

  • How to create effective traceability across IT elements for relationship matrix & change management?

  • Using Dashboard diagrams to manage status of requirements


Solution Owners, Architects

Solution Owners, Architects
  • How to reduce design complexities?

  • How to Identify goals and drivers of an IT System?

  • How to create system requirements to support business goals?

  • How to use BPMN to model business processes?

  • How to conduct Impact Analysis and drill down analysis results quickly?

  • Learn how to create traces between specifications and implementations

  • How to use Decision Tables facility, based on the OMG Decision Model and Notation (DMN) for decision models across organizations via XML?

  • Deployment architecture using distributed clustering, fail-over, load-balancing for large-scale business applications.

  • Architecture Assessment Techniques, governance and metrics.


Project Managers

Project Managers
  • How to design for “everything is a service” ensuring software reuse, asset consolidation, time-to-market acceleration?

  • How to share common data, standards and modeling structures, without the complexity of using external version control tools?

  • Learn to discover, evaluate and validating requirements for a particular project

  • How to monitor phase, version, status, author of models?

  • How to create roadmap diagram to visualize how a system changes over time?

  • Model Management

  • Model Baselining and Differencing

  • Learn to define IT Models so that it traces back to business goal and requirements

  • Relationship between Enterprise Architecture frameworks and IT process life cycles

  • IT Architecture centered software development process


Technology Enthusiasts, Architects

Technology Enthusiasts, Architects
  • How to define Quality of Service (QoS) such as Reliability, Performance etc. on Functional Requirements using Quality Attributes?

  • How to differentiate between Conceptual, Logical and Physical (Technical) Data Models, Network, Application & Business rules?

  • How to translate Platform Independent Model (PIM) to a number of Platform Specific Models(PSM)?

  • How to produce UML Use Cases from Business Process Models?

  • How to translate Business rules into Technical rules?

  • Creating Android wireframes and understanding impact of change

  • How to use Decision Tables facility for modeling how a decision is made, and generating code for the decisions?

  • Using simulation to validate behaviour of complex business, software and system behavior

  • Visualization and Analysis of Code Execution

  • How to develop BPEL diagrams quickly?

  • How to define and specify QoS characteristics and parameters within UML models and minimize mismatches?

  • Use Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for developing architecture models, model-to-model transformation and model-to-code generation.


IT Head

IT Head
  • How to tackle IT Architecture challenges due to growing Application portfolio, Service-oriented architecture (SOA), and cloud based solutions?

  • How to balance conflicting demands of multiple stakeholders?

  • How to extend modeling best practices for service operations in a production environment?

  • Using Open Group Standard for Risk Taxonomy (OR-T) for modeling risk scenarios and analyzing the risk conditions.

  • Mapping of performance metrics from the technology to the business outcomes

  • How does an enterprise architecture fit into the context of multiple disciplines such as project management, business process re-engineering etc.?

  • Major components of the EA that are required for success.

  • Utilize the Enterprise Architecture for Operational Decision Making.



Case Studies

  • 1. Defining ROI +

    Defining ROI on architecture. (Align Business ROI with Technology ROI
  • 2. Performance Metrics +

    Mapping of Performance Metrics from the Technology to the Business Outcomes
  • 3. Apply Frameworks +

    How to apply Zachman Framework for IT Architecture and how to use them in your IT Products & Services
  • 4. Quality of Service (QoS) +

    How to support Quality of Service (QoS) for software products
  • 5. Product Line Architecture +

     Product Line Architecture, COTS selection and component assembly
  • 6. Component Modeling +

    Component Modeling with UML2.x  for Business domains
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Why iCMG? - 7 Reasons

  • 1. Investment protection +

    To serve and protect the organization’s interest towards Architecture driven IT investments (if a person trained & certified leaves the organization, iCMG will train next person for FREE)
  • 2. Team vs Individuals +

    This unique program evaluates the team of IT architects/ designers ability to plan complex systems and implementation processes
  • 3. Key Focus (12 skills + Domain) +

    IT Architecture certification programs to impart competency for business modeling, system envisioning, technology selection, system specification, and software process facilitation, domain knowledge etc.
  • 4. Case studies +

    Real-time case studies on IT Architecture usage for product development, custom development, business transformation etc.
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