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The Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture is getting recognized as a critical element for realizing practical vision of the Enterprise & IT system for the organizations world over. iCMG Architecture World 2017 Summit will accelerate these developments and trends through thought provoking debates and action packed sessions.

Annual Summit


This year’s summit, as always, will provide unparalleled networking opportunities and industry-leading insight on key Enterprise Architecture trends.

This premier conference will provide an opportunity to the CIOs, CTOs, Managers, architects etc. to share knowledge of Transformation and Planning, IT Landscape Rationalization, Architecture Governance, Best Green Architecture, Acquisition and Mergers, Business Process Management, Customer Oriented Business Models, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Future IT (Web 2.0, Cloud and other emerging technologies), SOA Vision for Enterprise Services, IS Security Architecture, Open Source Technologies etc which represents the next generation of practices in the enterprise.

This summit will help to uncover why organizations of every size, industry and geography are banking on Enterprise & IT Architecture as a way to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce IT expenses and total cost of ownership and achieve higher bottom-line results. It will also help you to understand why choosing the right architecture frameworks, solution and the right strategy is critical to success.



The two days summit will feature 8 tracks with 32 architecture sessions. We have taken care to choose the exemplary case studies which will be delivered by the seasoned and hands-on practitioners. Don’t miss the passion and hard work which has gone into every successful architecture initiative. Join us for the Architecture World summit.
Also includes 6 Keynotes, 2 Panel Discussions comprising of over 38 speakers. 1350 minutes spent during the two days will open a world of over 300 ideas. One single aim: your success.



Panel discussions are awesome. When the audience round opens up, it is the time when the CIOs are at the receiving end (for a change) ;-) you can ask questions and get an answer immediately. The CIOs love this session as well, as it provides them great opportunity to share their experience with the smartest and brightest. Do not gasp for breath if you hear 30 questions and answers in 60 minutes.

Case Studies


Get an in-depth look at tackling complexity and structural changes financial companies, government institutions, educational organizations, and technology vendors are undertaking in the areas of:

  • Reducing environment impact through automation
  • Visualization tools to harness data
  • Developing intelligence from quality initiatives
  • Securely delivering private cloud services
  • Real-time customer support
  • Improved service delivery in critical health areas
  • Innovation in Web-based product development

Conference Tracks

Participants Voice

I think it’s just great Ronald Ross Father of Business Rules
I Am very excited to be here due to the level of interest and interactions in the hallways, the networking that’s going on, I think that’s just great.
iCMG put architecture on the map James Robbins CIO, Northumbrian Water, UK
The quality of the speakers and the speeches I’ve heard is great. Am learning heck of a lot from delegates and other attendees. I really commend iCMG for putting architecture on the map.
Grateful to be here and It’s been really exciting time. Brandon Stafford CIO, FNB Savings & Investments, South Africa
I Am just so grateful to be here. It’s been really exciting time. I have a long list to do back in South Africa. I’ve learned a lot.
We met professionals from all over the world Ewelina Hajdukiewicz Real-Time Marketing Director mBank, Poland
It was a very big pleasure to participate in the conference because we can meet professionals from all over the world and to know something about enterprise architecture.
Highlighting what every company should be thinking about Pablo Portero Senior Director, Zoetis, Singapore
We are very happy to be here and the day and half that we have spent here has been very enlightening. I think this conference is highlighting what every company should be thinking about.
It’s the right time for us to be here Peter Muya Managing Partner, PTI Consulting, Kenya
Am delighted personally as a representative of PTI Consulting. It’s been a great opportunity for us. It’s the right time for us to be here. On day 1 we really engaged and got to know a lot. It’s been a mix of fun, learning, interacting. It was a worthwhile event for us.



  • I think it’s just great +

    Ronald Ross
    Father of Business Rules

    "Am very excited to be here due to the level of interest and interactions in the hallways, the networking that’s going on, I think that’s just great."

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Freddie Van Eyk

FNB Life’s New Architecture Solutions

Head of Architecture, FNB, South Africa

Read more


Hussam Juma Mohammed

Adoption of Enterprise Wide Technology Architecture in Dubai Customs

Director Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management, Dubai Customs, UAE

Read more


Peter Muya

Development of a comprehensive Kenya Health Enterprise Architecture

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, PTI Consulting, Kenya

Read more


Summit Features Witness Best of Enterprise, Business & IT Architecture
  • Panel Discussions
  • Current blogs
  • Photos
  • Videos

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Ronald Ross
Ronald Ross Father of Business Rules
James Robbins
James Robbins CIO
Northumbrian Water
Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd Director of Digital Architecture
Xiaofang Zhao
Xiaofang Zhao IT Manager
Daimler Greater China Ltd


Why you should attend the Summit?

John Zachman
John Zachman Inventor of Enterprise Architecture
Karl Olav Wroldsen
Karl Olav Wroldsen CIO, Norwegian Tax Office, Norway
Andrew Bilecki
Andrew Bilecki CIO, UK Power Networks, UK
Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd Director of Digital Architecture, Telefonica, Spain
Luca Vetti Tagliati
Luca Vetti Tagliati Vice President Risk & Finance IT, Credit Suisse, Switzerland
Renuka Amin
Renuka Amin CTO, Westlaw, Japan
Nitesh Ambastha
Nitesh Ambastha Director, Global Head of Data IT Private Banking & Wealth Management Products Credit Suisse, USA
Xiaofang Zhao
Xiaofang Zhao IT Manager, Daimler Greater China Ltd
Yathish Nagavalli
Yathish Nagavalli Chief Enterprise Architect, Huawei Technologies
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