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Webinar: Applying Business Architecture for Solving CEOs Problems

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Applying Business Architecture for Solving CEOs Problems
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In my earlier days, I was surprised to see the number of management and strategy frameworks. Still, it was surprising to find that strategy models continue to be one of the least formal.

Very often available in installments of excel and PPT files, to be used at your own risk. In fact, there is NO version control or baseline for the strategy models. Try asking a Sales Director to share sales strategies deployed by company 2 years prior to his joining when the revenue was at peak? If you are lucky, you might get a one page note in some magazine interview.

Learn how to use Business Architecture models for necessary insight to structure of business for managing and running it. In addition, it provides the capability to assemble and create new business models quickly to meet changing internal or external demands.

No doubt that emotional quotient is key for an Enterprise, but what is even more critical is "engineering" element. Just like in a medical treatment, emotions are important, but engineering is of paramount value. Similarly, enterprise survival and growth has to deconstruct the personality cult driving the business strategy. We need to deconstruct the "Business strategy" and understand the "strategy primitives". Guess what, once you have strategy primitives, you can create complex strategy composites quickly and with high degree of confidence and guarantee success.

If you are using Balanced Scorecard or McKinsey 7S ( or some variance) or Blue Ocean Strategy etc and wondering if you still need to do Business Architecture? This webinar is for you. In just 60 minutes, you will learn the limitations in your current business strategy. Also, quick tips about where and how to start and take corrective measures.

About The Speaker

Join Sunil Dutt Jha, iCMGWorld CEO, a global thought leader, practitioner of Enterprise Engineering. In the words of legendary John Zachman, Sunil tops his list of Enterprise Architects. Uncover if Business Architecture a scientific basis for defining, operating and managing business of an enterprise. Be ready to get demystified.