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Webinar: Anatomy of Digital Transformation in the context of Enterprise Architecture

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Webinar: Anatomy of Digital Transformation in the context of Enterprise Architecture
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Digital Transformation is the latest Buzz Phrase that is doing the rounds. Exactly what is it? As is typical of things in the Hype cycle, nothing much is available in a clear-cut form. Several Management Consulting company white papers and blogs include the usual automation in the fold. Some others are so vague that it is all marketing, marketing and more marketing.

Anyway, after a lot of “Googling”, this is what we found:

We are looking at four areas:

  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Content

These are not some isolated issues but are Enterprise level Problems / Opportunities. What is the usual approach? Let us find some solutions. Let us kick off Projects to implement Products in this space, appoint Project Managers to manage the implementations and we will be laughing all the way to the Bank, Right?

Wrong. There is so much hype and vendor push out there that millions could go down in wasted investment.

So, what is the right approach? The right approach is to step back and figure out the Anatomy of the Digital Enterprise and determine best possible solutions to realise Business Strategies.

In this Webinar we will show you how our Enterprise Architecture to model the Anatomy of Digital Transformation is significantly different to the conventional approach in this space and the real benefits it entails.

About The Speaker

Krish Ayyar Join Krish Ayyar is Director of Enterprise Architecture Services for Australia and New Zealand at iCMG International, leaders in Enterprise and IT Architecture Services including Training, Consulting and Excellence Awards.