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Webinar : Are You Modeling Business Architecture Using Excel & PowerPoint?

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Are You Modeling Business Architecture Using Excel & PowerPoint?
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If answer is Yes, then join us for this webinar and learn why you are earning only 20% value out of your Business Architecture. No doubt, use of MS Word, PPT, Excel are great tools and they aid in understanding. But, they have serious limitations when we want to use them as "diagnostic tool". Learn about seven engineering dimensions which are critical in decision making.

It's important to model strategy and business concepts (specifications ) for analysis and create “same format” view of the business strategy, business process etc. Imagine what happens to "end to end" traceability if your business process is modeled in PPT file and strategy model in excel?

Having "same format", helps in validating business models before using them.

We will share few business cases and see how to effectively use Business Architecture Models:

  • Case 1 - How to visualize the difference between current organization chart of Sales Team with that of last year same month?
  • Case 2 - How to define/measure impact of change in business processes, roles & responsibility etc. due to change in a sales strategy
  • When does it start in the enterprise life cycle? Is it a one time project?
  • Case 3 - How to see gap between "current" and "proposed" solution Stakeholders across departments
  • Case 4 - How to track change in business processes due to consistent delay in receiving payment from customers
  • Case 5 - What were the key sales strategies used in holiday season for the last 2 years and team who were involved ? Imagine trying to find this out when Sales Director has left the organization Sales Department

Also, advanced simulation techniques can aid in predicting business outcome. You can use impact analysis to understand the "impact" of proposed change even before you agree to "change" ;-)

If you want to achieve 100% value out of your Business Architecture, it's time to switch to smarter modeling with engineering capabilities.

About The Speaker

Join Sunil Dutt Jha, iCMGWorld CEO, a global thought leader, practitioner of Enterprise Engineering. In the words of legendary John Zachman, Sunil tops his list of Enterprise Architects. Uncover if Business Architecture a scientific basis for defining, operating and managing business of an enterprise. Be ready to get demystified.