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Webinar : What, Why and How to do Business Architecture?

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Webinar : What, Why and How to do Business Architecture?
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Business Architecture is an evolving descipline? or just another kludge of ideas which are hard to extend or is it a quick solution to problem.

This webinar will look at various definition of Business Architecture and highlight their strength and weakness.

Learn how to use Business Architecture models for necessary insight to structure of business for managing and running it. In addition, it provides the capability to assemble and create new business models quickly to meet changing internal or external demands.

This webinar will answer some of the key questions, such as -

  • What does Business Architecture cover?
  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • When does it start in the enterprise life cycle? Is it a one time project?
  • What's relationship with business strategy?
  • Aren't business architecture and strategy same?
  • What's connection between Business Architecture and IT Architecture?
  • Can you define Business Architecture in the context of Enterprise Architecture?

About The Speaker

Join Sunil Dutt Jha, iCMGWorld CEO, a global thought leader, practitioner of Enterprise Engineering. In the words of legendary John Zachman, Sunil tops his list of Enterprise Architects. Uncover if Business Architecture a scientific basis for defining, operating and managing business of an enterprise. Be ready to get demystified.