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Webinar : Why Enterprise Architects don't have a seat in CEO's Meeting?

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Why Enterprise Architects don't have a seat in CEO's Meeting?
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Globally, organizations are working on offsetting economic dampening behavior with new products and services at regular interval. CEOs are working hard to retain their market share. Very often, results are not favorable due to inherent business complexity and associated business structure. As a result, even incremental changes are expensive and time-consuming.

Ideally speaking Enterprise Architecture should have been used for engineering or re-engineering of an Enterprise. Unfortunately, it's not so. In fact, current breed of Enterprise Architects are not part of direct meetings with CEOs. Recently, one of the Chief Architect confided that he had only one meeting with the CEO for the whole of the last year.

So, here we have an interesting scenario. In one hand we have several enterprises facing disorders which if not treated in time, might result in nemesis of enterprise. On the other hand, we have emerging discipline (Enterprise Architecture) which is supposed to address the enterprise disorders in a timely and consistent manner.

The question is why two don't meet?

About The Speaker

Sunil Dutt Jha Join Sunil Dutt Jha, iCMGWorld CEO, a global thought leader, practitioner of Enterprise Engineering. In the words of legendary John Zachman, Sunil tops his list of Enterprise Architects. Uncover if Business Architecture a scientific basis for defining, operating and managing business of an enterprise. Be ready to get demystified.