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    Wasting dollars on expensive travel and losing on precious time? Need an expert's insight? Time to go digital. Maximize Enterprise Value with Video Consultation for quick and reliable solution.

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    Leverage iCMG global team and their consulting skill to capitalize on opportunities and increase effectiveness. Go ahead and schedule live video consultations.

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    Do you have a complex enterprise problem that requires input from multiple experts? We will form an exclusive Architecture team coordinated by an internal Chief Architect. Try it and see for yourself.

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Case study - Key to Capitalize Business Opportunity

Animation video; Time Duration: 4 Min 27 Sec
A leading European company struggling to release its products in time and retain its customers. In the last decade, it had grown by acquiring several small and mid size companies. How did Ask the Architects address the concerns of various stakeholders and bring value?
  • Customer Feedback +

    Thanks, most of the issues got resolved by timely intervention. As you said, Catalogue of Data Entities, Logical Data Components and Physical Data Components were of great help. Your two hours saved our 2 weeks of trial and error. We are back on track.
    Firas Zahabi
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Solution for Enterprise Problems
Introducing "On demand", video based Enterprise Architecture Consultation
  • Q: Is the video consultation for one to one? Can my team also join in with me for Video Consultation? +

    Your team members are welcome to join. Including you, 3 members can join in the program. But we would request you to inform us in advance.
  • Q: What happens If the duration of the video consultation exceeds? +

    We would love to extend the duration provided the slots are available. Very often we have several meetings scheduled, so the availability of the expert will be difficult. So we request you to stick to the duration that has been agreed upon.
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