Isaac Inkumsah

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Isaac Inkumsah


Origo Software Inc
Information Technology
United States
Experienced in leading growth and transformation from startups to fortune 500 enterprises. Delivers results through digital convergence, team building, strategy and effective management.

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Measurable Results
Ability to meet the business goal and stakeholder expectations
Contribution to Discipline
Contribution to the growth of the discipline (Enterprise & IT Architecture)
Leadership in Decision Making
Leadership in decision making (new thinking, the action plan, etc.)
Ground Breaking Projects
M & A, Growing Business in New Territory, New Service Offering etc., IT Product
Efficiency Initiatives
IT Landscape Rationalisation, Business Process Improvements, Architecture Governance, Architecture Methodology, IT Infrastructure, IT Security
State of the Art (Technology adoption)
IoT Enabled Solution, Future IT (Emerging Technologies), Cloud Technologies and Solutions, SoA Vision for Enterprise Services,
Change Agent
Business Strategy to Execution, Business Architecture, Business Transformation, Digital Architecture, Enterprise Architecture
Industry Leading Solutions, Customer Oriented Business Models, Supply Chain & Logistics, Innovation
Insight to Executive Perspective
Insight to Business Strategy Models
Business Function (department) Perspective
Insight to Department Business Process, Business Information,Business Roles and Rules
System Perspective
Insight to Logical Model of rules, user interface, data, network, software application
Technology Perspective
Insight to Technology Model of rules, user interface, data, network, applications
Implementation Perspective
Ability to get things done
Managing Enterprise Operations
Ability to manage business and technology operations
Member of Top Rated Architecture 2019
Winning Member of Enterprise & Projects That Won Awards in 2019